Lisa Konzelman: Paying it Forward

Lisa Konzelman: Paying it Forward

Lisa Konzelman has a passion for community involvement and a great love for BBC&S.

She also recognizes the powerful impact each can have on the other.

Lisa KonzelmanThrough her various roles in the community, Lisa seeks to serve as a representative of BBC&S and a mentor to others who share her vision for relationship building through involvement.

A 1981 BBC graduate, Lisa met her husband Rich (BBC 1977, BBS 1981) as a student. Her son Jon (2006) teaches Health and Physical Education at the Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Clarks Summit and serves as an Assistant Coach for the men's basketball team.

Lisa has served in a variety of roles on campus, and has been working in the Institutional Advancement office since 1994.

I am Director of the Annual Fund and Special Events. In my 15 years, it has been great to see how many people love BBC&S, love our students, and choose to invest their money here. We value every one of them. They are a rich source of blessing.

Fundraising events are really "friend raising" events. They are opportunities to strengthen relationships and for people to get to know the college on a different level.

The President's Golf Classic is an event people can get personally involved in. It began in 2005 and has proved to be a strong event that reaches across a number of groups. Whether they are golfing or not, people want to invest because they see the quality of our students, the difference they make in our community, and the ministries that they are involved with.

Another event that we have been able to develop is the President's Breakfast and Leadership Seminar. Our primary target for this is individuals from local businesses that want to invest back into the community.

I am a strong proponent for paying it forward for whatever God has allowed in our lives. While we're always looking for ways to become involved, we're also looking for opportunities to pour back into a community that has been very good to us in many ways. Not only is "paying it forward" a biblical principle, I believe as an empty nester I have even more opportunities to invest in the lives of my family, my community, and those around me.

I am in the Leadership Lackawanna Class of 2012, a 10-month program of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. The 27 class members represent different nonprofits and for-profit businesses in the region. We are broken into groups of six or seven each, with the groups tasked with completing a project as a community service. There are opportunities to be in the media, to fundraise, and a real feeling of accomplishment of working with individuals who have never met each other until the first day of class.

Our project is the restoration of the Gravity Slope Colliery in Archbald, PA. These buildings serve to represent the coal mining industry and the historical significance of its economic impact in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Lackawanna County. This has been a great challenge. It's also given the college a greater visibility in the community and helps validate who we are.

The opportunity to reach out to the community has really opened my eyes, personally, to the fact that while I want to continue to be involved in ministries outside my position here, I also want to parallel that with meaningful experiences and serving nonprofits in the area.

I attend the Greater Scranton Women's Network luncheon each month, and take someone else from the college with me. I think this is great opportunity for them to broaden their perspective and network with other women who are in a range of areas. We always come away having built new relationships or found opportunities to help our students.

God calls us to have a balance in our lives. We need to reflect the spokes of a wheel that are evenly balanced, keeping the wheel in motion. You have to prioritize your job, your family, your church, and also your community involvement.

I have learned the importance of community involvement and not living in that Christian bubble. God calls us to meet needs in a variety of ways - living to pay it forward and not looking to get anything for ourselves.

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Posted on: 2/22/2012 12:01:11 PM

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