Summer Kinder: Loving Students of All Ages

Summer Kinder: Loving Students of All Ages

Summer Kinder (09) has a special ministry to students on campus. Her desk in the Office for Student Development is the hub for student life at BBC, and she loves interacting with students on a daily basis. She serves many different people, including students and faculty, as the Administrative Assistant to OSD.Summer Kinder

Relationships are what Summer's experience as a student centered around. After coming to faith in Jesus Christ at age 8 through the ministry of AWANA, she knew she was being led to BBC's campus.

Originally from Columbus, OH, Summer is pursuing a Master of Education degree through online classes at BBC&S. She has experience working with children with disabilities and hopes to continue to love children through teaching, as she finishes in the Reading Specialist program.

There were vans that came through our neighborhood several nights a week from different churches. The folks who drove the AWANA van and the Sunday school bus were the kindest, warmest people I had met. They took an interest in me (Dave and Carol Thornton, and Tom and Susan Koenig). I began going to Sunday school and AWANA regularly. These folks began investing in my life and I began to notice a difference in the way they lived, the way they interacted with one another, and the hope they had. I began to feel there was something more to live for, something more to hope in, and the only One who could save me from my sin and give me a life worth living was Jesus Christ.

BBC was on my radar throughout my high school years. A few from my church attended, traveling teams seemed to make their way to church, and our youth group looked forward to TLC each summer. I applied multiple times and each time knew I was just going through the motions. Finally, it struck me that the plans I had were in direct opposition to what I knew the Lord wanted to do with my life. I decided it was time to get serious and began thinking about the changes I would need to make in order to start living for the Lord rather than for myself. One of the steps was getting to BBC, where I knew I should have been years ago.

There is not just one class or person that made the time here as a student amazing. It was the group of folks who were suddenly involved in my life. I transferred from two large universities, where I was just a number. When I came to BBC, people were taking stuff out of my car and helping me move in. I walked in to a class where Dr. David Lackey was calling me by name at the end of the first week. People were asking how they could pray for me, and it wasn't just lip service. There was a genuine care and concern for me as a person and for my relationship with Christ.

I was an Elementary Education major. From the time I was in third grade, I knew I wanted to teach. Mrs. Osborne was my third grade teacher. She taught with such passion and love. I was drawn to her and appreciated her vested interest in my life. Throughout my academic career even before BBC, I have been blessed with teachers who were not just involved in the classroom but involved in my life. These people were excellent models of great teaching. My desire is to someday have the same impact on students that these faithful educators had on me.

Relationships at BBC have been pivotal. My first semester, I struggled and didn't fit the BBC mold, or my perception of that mold. I eventually connected with my RA, who was also my roommate. My Resident Director, Lynelle Buchanan, began making huge investments in my life. The Moores - first Kristin, later Rick, Faye and the rest of the crew - opened their hearts, home and lives to me. In 2008, when I began my employment with Admissions, I forged relationships with co-workers like Michelle Hammaker and Errol and Dorcas Morgan. The influence of these relationships is immeasurable, and their impact far beyond anything I could have anticipated.

RIght now, I am working on a master's degree. In spring 2010, a learning disabilities course was being taught at the grad level online. I had worked in human services for a number of years with students with learning disabilities such as autism, so I was excited to jump into that course. At the time, I had no desire or plan to continue. However, I am now two-thirds of the way through the M.Ed. Reading Specialist track. This will be beneficial when it comes time to pursue a teaching career, or even just being able to help locally with students who need additional assistance.

I am currently serving as the Administrative Assistant to OSD. I perform a variety of tasks, including scheduling appointments, working on retention projects, keeping records, communicating with students, and a range of other random things. I think my most favorite part is interacting with students. My least favorite? Technology. Well, mostly just when it doesn't work in my favor.

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Posted on: 1/26/2012 9:00:24 AM

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