Ron Chastain: Building Opportunities

Ron Chastain: Building Opportunities

Ron Chastain can be seen wearing a lot of different hats around campus. Athletic Trainer, Resident Director, and Teacher are some of his official titles.

No matter what the job, he enjoys building on the areas and lives he touches to make a greater impact on the students and athletes at BBC&S.

I was an athlete in high school and got injured a few times. After a shoulder injury, an athletic trainer happened to be there to put my shoulder back in place. I thought, "What does he do? That's cool." Working at an event, with people, dealing with injuries right there, right on the field - that's what drew me to athletic training. Injured athlete becomes athletic trainer. That happens a lot.Ron Chastain

When I was a freshman in college, I came to know Christ. I grew up in the Atlanta, GA area. I moved around a lot as a kid and then went off to Valdosta State University. There, people invested in my life in the dorm, as well as a brother in my fraternity. He kept bugging me, saying "this is was you say you believe, and this is how the Bible says you should be showing Christ in your life - do you see a difference?"

I went to grad school at Furman University for Health and Exercise Science. I was a graduate assistant for two years and worked full time for the college as a certified athletic trainer and also took classes to get my master's degree. It was a lot of work.

I saw a job on the NCCAA website for an athletic trainer at BBC. I talked to Jim Huckaby on the phone. He loves this school and promoted the things I wanted to hear. He told me I would have an opportunity to build here, to do better for our athletes than they have ever had. There was a huge amount of potential. I liked that.

The dorms on campus offer a lot of opportunity to invest in people. Because of how people invested in my life while I was in college, we decided to throw our hat in the ring to see if there was a resident director position available. As soon as we got here we applied. Halfway through our first year, two RD spots became available. Because of my experience and background and my heart for guys and seeing them grow, I was able to take the RD position in Christen Hall.

I am very excited about developing the Sports & Health Science program. This program prepares students for a graduate degree in Athletic Training. They're getting a lot of experience - 200 hours of seeing some of the areas that I work in, some areas that physical therapists work in. They're getting a lot of book knowledge, and some of the books are the same books they will see in graduate school. They also get a lot of their foundational course, sciences, anatomy, kinesiology, and other athletic training classes. When they get to grad school they have a huge foundation on which to build.

The teaching in this program is not exactly a lecture in class, this is clinical experience. I conduct students to physical therapy clinics. I bring them to the athletic training room. They have to observe things, answer questions, and see things that physical therapists and athletic trainers deal with every day. We are preparing them to go onto graduate school. They are getting all the science, all the background, all the prerequisites they need, plus the great foundation we have in Bible and ministry.

Every year I try do something better for the athletic training room, whether it be improve the type of care I provide, or whether it be improve the tables or equipment, or just the "treatment-ability" of the area.

Learn more about the Sports & Health Science program here.

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Posted on: 8/19/2011 9:41:30 AM

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