Lian Muan Kim: Sharing the Love of Christ

Lian Muan Kim: Sharing the Love of Christ

Lian Muan Kim was born in Yangon, Myanmar. Although he was raised by devoted Christian parents, he grew up in an area where less than 1 percent of the population is Christian.

Lian Muan KimWith a family heavily involved in serving the Lord, he soon grew a heart for service and for the people of Myanmar. Led to the faith in Jesus Christ at an early age, his goal became to serve the Lord with his life.

After earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Myanmar and India, Kim came to Baptist Bible Seminary and the United States in 2007 to complete work for his Ph. D.

He graduated in May 2011 and plans to return to Myanmar to start a seminary. Kim's passion is to see others provided with the biblical higher education and training needed to make a great impact for Christ in the country he loves.

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Insight Questions

How did you become involved in ministry work?
In 1999, I got my bachelor's degree in my home country. I earned a Master of Divinity in 2002 and a Master of Theology in 2004 in India. I went back to Myanmar and started teaching the Bible in churches and in schools and conducted discipleship and evangelistic meetings. I reached out the unreached people near or far, planted churches, conducted leadership seminars, and composed songs.

What other ministry opportunities have you had in Myanmar?
In 2006, I produced a cassette. Gospel CDs and cassettes are a wonderful tool for outreach ministry in my country because Burmese people love music. They don't really care what you preach but do listen to you when you sing.

God enabled me to write a 210-page book on entitled "Christian Leadership," which was printed and distributed in January 2006. Many pastors and leaders have been greatly blessed by the book. After learning more about Christian leadership from Dr. Howard Bixby at BBS, I revised, updated, and reprinted my book. It was and is the only Christian leadership book available for my people. I thank God for making it a great blessing to many pastors and leaders.

How were you led to Baptist Bible Seminary?
In August 2007, God opened a door for me through Dr. Wendell Kempton to come to BBS and pursue further studies.

God gave me a vision to pursue a Ph.D. when I was sophomore in college. After praying for a decade, I met Dr. Kempton in Yangon, Myanmar, in January 2007. I told him my desire to study further. The next day he let me know that he would support me and he said, "Baptist Bible College & Seminary is the best place for you. You will surely love it." I graduated in May 2011.

What are your plans now?
On my returning, I am going to start a seminary in order to produce well-trained godly leaders who will in turn produce other well-trained godly leaders. I also want to plant and strengthen churches as well as serve as an adjunct Bible translation consultant.

When will you be returning to Myanmar?
I don't know the exact date or month I will go home. I am visiting some churches now and raising some support for ministry. I have four churches lined up to visit. I am prayerfully looking for more. I am so excited to go back and start working. We will rent apartments and begin the work with 20 selected students with four full-time teachers. Whenever God provides a piece of land, we will move there and take more students.

What was your experience at Baptist Bible Seminary like?
I can't stop thanking God for leading me to BBC&S. I met godly, humble, and knowledgeable professors. When I first came in, I respected them as my professors. But when I left, I respected them as my mentors, professors, and friends. They poured out their love, wisdom, and time on me and showed me how to balance my academic studies and Christian walk. I will always try to reflect what they are to my people in Myanmar.

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