Tim Walker: Learning and Leading

Tim Walker: Learning and Leading

Tim Walker is learning about service and leadership on the front lines.

Tim WalkerA junior Pre-Seminary major, Tim is Student Body President this academic year and is involved in many aspects of student life at BBC. He has also had many opportunities to serve and lead in the greater Scranton community, including at Steamtown Church in the city.

While home is in Romulus, MI, Tim has a passion for church planting and hopes to plant churches in America after graduating in 2012.

A resident of Loescher Hall, Tim is surrounded by people who are consistently pushing him toward further growth.

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What led you to BBC?
Two things really set BBC apart from a number of other colleges and universities I checked out. The first thing was the closeness of faculty members to students. All the faculty members have a passion for working with students and helping them learn and grow both in and out of the classroom. The other thing that really attracted me was the number of opportunities to put what I would be learning in the classroom into action. I felt BBC would not only prepare me for a career, it would prepare me for life.

Why the Pre-Seminary major?
It provides the most well rounded training for pastoral ministry. What I really appreciate about the program is that in addition to the core Bible, theology, and language classes, it also gives you the opportunity to study a variety of other things, such as secular philosophy and culture. You also learn how to process through the issues with biblical discernment to minister to a wide range of people.

What activities are you involved in?
I attend Steamtown Church. I am involved in outreach ministries as well as leading a house church. I have had the opportunity to be involved in sharing the gospel in the inner-cities of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre through multiple venues. I am involved with leading music and preaching and the Scranton and Wyoming Valley Rescue Missions. I also have been involved with ministry opportunities to kids and teens that come from low-income families in project housing in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and Kingston. In the past, I have also had the opportunity to serve at various outreaches through a few local churches. For a time, I also had the opportunity to be leading worship and heading up outreach at a local church plant.

How have faculty members influenced you?
They haven not just helped me learn in class, they also have capitalized on opportunities outside of class. They have been there to mentor me, spend time praying with me, talk through struggles or questions, and much more. I know they genuinely care for me, and they are continually willing to look for further opportunities to help me learn and grow.

What are your long term goals?
I plan on going into church planting with a couple of fellow BBC guys. We are looking to go into an area that has a lack of good gospel-preaching churches. We hope to reach that area for Christ by planting a church that will plant other churches, and working to disciple believers who will disciple others.

Who or what has had the most influence on you here?
The relationships I have had the opportunity to build with fellow students, along with staff and faculty members, has had a tremendous impact. Having friends and mentors who are there to challenge, encourage, stretch, and talk through things has been the thing God has really used to cement the lessons.

How did you become Student Body President?
From the moment I stepped onto campus as a freshman, I had a strong desire to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow along with fellow students. Some of the best ways I found to do that were by building relationships with people and serving a wide variety of students in the student body. So after starting out as a class president, I was then presented with the opportunity to become Student Body President. After thinking and praying about it, I came to the conclusion it would be a great opportunity to be stretched and grow while having the opportunity to further serve and impact the student body.

What are your responsibilities?
They include leading the Student Leadership Council and the executive team. I also serve as a liaison between the school administration and the student body. SLC is responsible for promoting strong community in student life on campus by providing activities through our dorms and classes doing campus events or ministries. The Student Leadership Council serves by facilitating portions of freshman orientation, leading Community Appreciation Day, providing a Day of Prayer each semester, and planning multiple chapels each semester. These, along with many other things, are designed to serve the student body, build community on campus, and assist in the spiritual growth of our peers.

What is your favorite part about the role?
It is hard to narrow it down to one thing. God has taught me so much through this opportunity. Probably my favorite part is building relationships with both students, whom I have the opportunity to serve with, as well as the staff and faculty members who have mentored me in how to be a man that follows after God as I lead others on campus.

How has BBC helped you meet your goals?
By surrounding me with people consistently pushing me toward further growth. Proverbs 27:17 comes to mind about "iron sharpening iron." As I continue to work toward church planting, the people around me and the opportunities I am given are continually helping to prepare me for that.

What are your summer plans?
I plan on being self-employed while staying in the Scranton area and continue to be highly involved at Steamtown Church while being mentored by the leadership team there. I will also be taking time off to counsel at Teen Leadership Conference at BBC.

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