Visitors get closer look at BBC

Visitors get closer look at BBC

BBC kicked off a series of unique on-campus visit days with iView, a special event offering interested students and their parents an in-depth look at BBC.

Held September 2-4, iView gave future students a full view of what BBC has to offer.

Students spent two nights in a residence hall, attended classes, and ate meals in the cafeteria. Many had a chance to meet with professors, Admissions Counselors, and financial aid representatives while on campus.

A highlight of the weekend was a special iView social on Friday evening.

Visitors travelled to Clarks Summit from several states including Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts to experience BBC for themselves.

"I came to see the college and meet with some teachers," said Jordan Evans of West Winfield, NY. "It was a good time. The admissions meeting was great, and we got to see what classes were like."

View pictures of the event here.

More focused visit dates ahead
Visiting students gain valuable insight into the unique atmosphere of dorm life and the sense of real community on campus.

Special upcoming visit days focus on specific majors from Teacher Education to Camping Ministries. Other days include a Sibling Visit Day, a Saturday Visit Day, and a Presidents Day Visit. Here's the schedule:

September 13 - Teacher Education Visit Day
September 27 - Pastoral Visit Day
October 11 - Business Administration Visit Day
October 22 - Communications/Drama Visit Day
October 25 - Chaplaincy/ROTC Visit Day
November 11-13 - Growing Leaders
November 15 - Counseling, Camping, Sports, Women's, and Specialized Ministries Visit Day
January 27-29 - WinterDaze
February 7 - Missions Visit Day
February 18-21 - Sibling Visit Weekend
February 21 - Presidents Day Visit
March 25 - Office Professionals and Communications/Writing Visit Day
March 3-5 - Spring College Days
April 8 - Music Visit Day
April 9 - Saturday Campus Visit Day

Learn about more opportunities to visit campus here.

Attending classes with BBC students, going to daily chapel, interacting with professors, and eating in the cafeteria are great ways for anyone considering BBC to get a feel for life as a student.

Check out an online look at campus, featuring special audio clips, here.

BBC provides 31 undergraduate majors in areas ranging from business administration and teacher education to counseling and intercultural youth ministries.

Learn more about academics here.

Baptist Bible College & Seminary offers an outstanding Christian education through on-campus, online, and other distance learning options. Students go beyond the ordinary, learning to learn and serve with excellence as they gain critical leadership and life skills.

To learn more, go to or call 570.586.2400.

Posted on: 9/9/2010 2:13:21 PM

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