Changed campus landscape greets students

Changed campus landscape greets students

Students returning to campus saw a much different scene at the site of the Kempton Athletic Center than when they left in the spring.

The building has advanced significantly through the spring and summer. Progress has included the excavation of the site, removal of the swimming pool, and the construction of the building's steel structure.

"It was surprising to see. It is really coming along quickly," said John Huse, in his junior year at BBC. "And now you know how big it's really going to be, especially when you see the work trucks and construction vehicles parked inside the building."Baptist Bible College & Seminary

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Roof nearly complete
The most recent work includes the addition of the roof, set to be done by mid-September.

The roof includes layers of insulation by the steel and will offer protection for the concrete floor slabs that will be poured later in the fall.

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Another major advance is the installation of rough-in plumbing, underground electrical conduit, and a drainage system to direct run-off water under the building and down into the detention pond on the property below.

Masonry crews are also working on completing the cinder block foundation around the perimeter. The next step for masonry will be the addition of decorative stonework to be installed on top of the cinder blocks layer.

Closer to the completion of the project, the area around the building will be filled in and the cinder block foundation will be covered.

More inside
In the coming months, crews will begin to move indoors. Over the later fall and winter, crews will be tasked with electrical and plumbing work along with interior structure, insulation, and hanging drywall.

In the spring, interior work will continue, with the finishing touches just in time to welcome new and returning students in fall 2011.

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Posted on: 8/27/2010 1:01:37 PM

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