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The Department of Music offers four programs of study—Music Education (4-year), Church Music (5-year), Music Ministries (4-year), Worship Pastor (4-year), as well as a minor in music.

MUSIC EDUCATION (Four-year program)
Bachelor of Music Education: 145 credit hous are required for graduation. You will receive certification from the Association of Christian Schools International to teach music in grades K-12. You will be eligible to apply for Pennsylvania state certification to teach in public schools. This program is designed for those who are preparing for a career in the public school, Christian school, or independent studio.

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CHURCH MUSIC (Five-year program)
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Sacred Music: 162 credit hours are required for graduation. The program is designed for those who are preparing for church ministry that includes pastoral responsibilities, direction of singers and instrumentalists, teaching of both adults and children, and mentoring and supervising other musicians.

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MUSIC MINISTRIES (Four-year program)
Bachelor of Science with a major in Music Ministries: 133 credit hours are required for graduation. This program is designed for those who wish to assume a vital role in their musical communities as church musicians or studio teachers. At any point in this program, students may transfer their credits to the 5-year Church Music program and earn the B.S.M. degree.

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WORSHIP PASTOR (Four-year program)
The Worship Pastor program is for students who want to serve in a pastoral role, focusing on worship and music. Course requirements include classes in music, worship, and pastoral ministries.

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Minor in Music: 15 credits. This program is designed for students who wish to include music as a significant elective area to their major program of study.