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Please direct all questions to the
Music Department Secretary

Students audition for two purposes: to join one of our performing ensembles or as part of their application to a music program.

ensemble auditions

Auditions are required of both non-majors and music majors who want to participate in any of our performing ensembles.

Audition preperation
During the audition process the music faculty will determine your vocal range, aptitude for both tonal and rhythmic memory, and your level of sight-reading ability. While there is no specific way to prepare for such an evaluation, daily use of your singing voice is recommended during the weeks preceding the audition.

Audition time
Auditions are held at the end of the spring semester and during the first week of the fall semester.

program entrance auditions

An essential step in beginning a major or minor program in music is the audition. Its purpose is to evaluate your background and determine your potential as a music student. Designed as an introduction to what you will be doing as a member of the musical community at Baptist Bible College, the audition contains three components:

  • Performance. This allows the faculty to evaluate your level of achievement and to determine where to begin your work as a college student.
  • Interview. This helps the faculty discover important aspects of your musical background and experience.
  • Questions & Answers. This is a time for you to begin a conversation with your music teachers that will continue through your years at the college. Our faculty value communication and encourage questions on all topics dealing with your educational career.

  • Eligibility
    Students wishing to audition for admittance into the music program must:

  • Have completed their junior year of high school.
  • Submit an Audition Application to the Music Department.
  • Submit an Application for Admission to Baptist Bible College.

  • Audition dates
    We highly recommend early auditions for all of our applicants. Check with the Music Department on dates and times.

    Audition application
    All prospective students who schedule an audition must submit an audition application. This form must be received at least three weeks prior to your audition date.

    Note for vocalists and instrumentalists: An accompanist will be provided for your audition. Please include copies of your music when you submit the audition application.

    Send completed form to:

    Department of Music
    c/o Baptist Bible College & Seminary
    538 Venard Road
    Clarks Summit, PA 18411

    Audition content
    Applicants must perform three contrasting works from the standard repertoire in your field of study (voice, piano, or instrumental).