Baptist Bible College & Seminary has an overarching vision of pursuing excellence in biblical higher education for effectiveness in global Christian leadership.


Founded in 1932 in Johnson City, New York, Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania is an educational institution that embraces its Baptist heritage. With a commitment to biblical authority, BBC serves undergraduate, graduate, and seminary students by preparing them for lives of significant service for the cause of Jesus Christ in a variety of ministries and careers.

As a learning community dedicated to biblical higher education, BBC strengthens the church of God and influences society by cultivating an environment that promotes academic excellence and Christlikeness. Students are challenged to pursue biblical truth and wisdom, to embrace a Christian worldview, and to develop professional competence and relational skills.

BBC aspires to be a community of individuals who love and serve God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and who love their neighbor as themselves. We launch our graduates into the world as servants of God and as lifelong learners.


Biblical Truth: We value the Scriptures as truth, the highest authority for faith and practice, the center of true learning, and the basis of our worldview.

Transformational Learning: We value the development of biblically based critical thinking, building wisdom that transforms worldview, character, behavior, relationships, and ministry in conformity to Christ.

Spiritual Integration: We value the development of the whole person: the integration of faith and practice, mind and heart, and learning and service.

Global Orientation: We value obedience to the Great Commission; therefore we seek to serve Christ in a myriad of ways anywhere in the world.

Cultural Relevance: We value living wisely within the culture that surrounds us, establishing a redemptive presence and speaking the truth in love wherever God sends us.

Christian Leadership: We value the development of leadership skills as the natural outcome of transformational learning, so we may assist others in achieving their God-given potential.

Baptist Heritage: We value the local church, the pillar and foundation of truth, along with the rich spiritual legacy of our Baptist distinctives and history.

Pursuit of Excellence: We value continuous assessment that leads to God-honoring improvement, innovation, and creative development.

Responsible Stewardship: We value the wise investment and management of the resources that God has entrusted to us, maximizing the benefit to those we serve.

STRATEGIC PLAN (Click on a goal below for more information)

  • Strategic Vision - Goal 1
    • Strategies
    • A. Develop Strategic Enrollment Plans for Undergraduate, Graduate and Seminary recruitment.

    • B. Develop Strategic Retention Plan for Undergraduate, Graduate and Seminary recruitment.
    • 1. Evaluate the effectiveness of current retention efforts.
      2. Determine the most effective administrative structure for facilitating retention.
    • C. Communicate our mission, identity, and values clearly to our constituency.
    • 1. Continue development of a marketing plan that effectively communicates the message of BBC&S to the local community and to the world.
      2. Investigate the ramifications of a name change.
      3. Develop a statement to communicate how BBC&S uses the term ministry.
      4. Continue to investigate attaining university status.
    • D. Develop and deepen relationships with partners who will identify and recommend students who will be
      well served by our purpose.
    • 1. Encourage pastors, youth pastors, and parents to recommend students to BBC&S.
      2. Involve successful BBC&S alumni in recruitment.
      3. Assist parents and prospective students in understanding the lifetime value of a BBC&S education.
      4. Build global partnerships with para-church organizations to identify spiritually minded, high-potential, ministry-oriented students.
    • E. Widen marketing and recruitment initiatives.
    • 1. Investigate ways to improve our branding.
      2. Aggressively publicize our identity and capabilities to new constituencies while working to maintain involvement with historic constituencies.
      3. Actively recruit local students.
      4. Investigate methods to increase early admission of high school students.

  • Strategic Vision - Goal 2
    • A. Encourage the development of a biblical worldview in all students.
    • 1. Promote the study and propagation of biblical hermeneutics.
      2. Train students in critical thinking and information literacy skills.
    • B. Be characterized by excellent teaching and learning.
    • 1. Hire and retain excellent faculty and staff members.
      2. Encourage enhanced excellence in teaching through use of technology.
      3. Increase the culturally-relevant applications in every degree program.
    • C. Assess, review, and improve the curriculum continually.
    • 1. Develop programs to maximize the potential of students for ministry.
      2. Investigate partnerships with other schools when advantageous for program development.
      3. Research and offer new academic programs at all levels.
    • D. Increase the number and breadth of degrees offered.
    • 1. Investigate requirements for awarding dual Bachelor's degrees to students with double majors.
      2. Promote dual enrollment between divisions to allow students to obtain graduate degrees more quickly.
      3. Build on the MA to continually meet students' ministry needs.
      4. Convert the MSCSE to an MA or MS degree.
    • E. Develop a wider array of distance learning programs.
    • 1. Build increased online offerings in the degree programs offered by BBC&S.
      2. Develop additional resource services for online students.

  • Strategic Vision - Goal 3
    • A. Continue to develop a campus-wide community marked by intentional spiritual development, godliness
      and collaboration.
    • 1. Improve partnering relationships with local churches.
      2. Involve faculty and staff more actively in student formation.
      3. Assure adequate funding for co-curricular activities that shape campus climate.
      4. Evaluate and implement the recommendations of the Campus Climate Committee.
      5. Investigate the relationship of the counseling center and the various counseling needs of
      BBC&S students.
    • B. Improve campus facilities.
    • 1. Construct the student recreational center.
      2. Construct the graduate counseling center and classroom facility.
      3. Examine and improve computer/internet /bandwidth issues.
      4. Improve the computer network and Internet access on campus.
      5. Establish a strategy for deferred maintenance issues.
    • C. Seek greater inter-cultural understanding in the school community.
    • 1. Evaluate campus life standards to determine their contribution to institutional purposes.
      2. Improve student satisfaction with campus standards.
      3. Increase the ethnic diversity of our student body both on campus and in distance education.
      4. Evaluate effectiveness of programs that integrate students into campus life.
      5. Assess skills of faculty and staff for serving students with disabilities or special needs.
    • D. Continue to develop opportunities for students to apply learning in off-campus settings.

    • E. Become a Best Christian Workplaces Institute Certified School.
    • 1. Communicate annual goals to the faculty and staff.
      2. Initiate leadership team building.
      3. Initiate broad-based quality control on our programs.
    • F. Build a culture of “customer service,” providing excellent experiences for employees, prospective
      students and stakeholders.

  • Strategic Vision - Goal 4
    • Strategies
    • A. Develop a case statement on how BBC&S can be a better resource for our stakeholders.
    • 1. Solicit the perspective of stakeholders in order to improve the school.
      2. Offer donors greater opportunities to steward their funds.
    • B. Investigate and promote the use of BBC&S representatives and student-based ministry teams to build deeper relationships with current and potential constituent groups.
    • 1. Offer programs and events to strengthen churches.
      2. Develop a speakers' bureau that would be more expansive than just pulpit supply.
    • C. Increase alumni participation in the life of the school.

    • D. Increase the level of the community’s knowledge of and interaction with BBC&S.
    • 1. Investigate how we can better join our degree programs with opportunities of service learning in our community.
      2. Develop continuing education programs.

  • Strategic Vision - Goal 5
    • Strategies
    • A. Be mission-driven in all aspects of budget design.
    • 1. Align the budget with strategic objectives.
      2. Increase the number of work/study opportunities for students.
      3. Improve student counseling to better guide students to achieve their academic, spiritual, and life goals.
    • B. Launch a comprehensive capital campaign.
    • 1. Increase levels of student scholarships.
      2. Build the endowment.
      3. Identify those whose passion for specific ministries outcomes will cause them to be leaders in providing funds for students.
    • C. Operate with greater efficiency.
    • 1. Design a three-year budget plan.
      2. Improve operational efficiency through increased use of technology and support services.
      3. Seek student and employee insights to improve financial efficiency.
      4. Reduce indebtedness.



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