Men's Conference


Please check back for information on the 2015 workshops.

Real Men Reflecting Christ
Speaker: Dr. David Mappes
How to move from “me-as-I-happen-to-be” into the man that God “empowers-me-to-be.” This session discusses how men can “will and work for His good pleasure” (Phil 2:13).

Moving Your Sex Life Off The Plateau
Speaker: Dr. Mark McGinniss
“Bored, routine, mechanical, dull, predictable”…. Do these adjectives describe your relationship with your wife? Have you reached a sexual plateau? Or have you have heard your married friends use these words and you want to help? This workshop will share God’s wisdom for a husband–wife’s sexual relations to move off the plateau and into the heights.

Climbing higher in Relationships
Speaker: Lynelle Buchanan, LPC
Relationships are one of those areas of life in which there is always room for improvement, yet individuals you meet never come with instruction manuals. In this session we will talk about how to break through the plateau and strengthen your skills in relating to others. Come explore a biblical model of growing relationships. This could be a benefit to your family or your work environments.


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