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2014 Workshops

Mike Brandon: What does it mean to lay up treasures in heaven? How does one fund their Eternal Retirement Account (IRA)?

Jesus had much to say about investing for eternity and the things that keep us from doing all that we should or could. Join us as we learn how to develop a diversified spiritual portfolio, calculate an expected rate of return on our obedience, and follow the individual ministry plan He has laid out for each of us.

Mike Brandon serves as Executive Director of The Paris Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization that mobilizes the church to minister to the poor and homeless in Elkton, MD

Don McCall: What should I know in order to live with my wife according to knowledge?

Peter clearly instructs us to live with our wives according to knowledge (1 Peter 3:7).  Sometimes it seems that even when I know I still don’t get it Right.  This workshop will reveal some of the basic needs of your wife and suggest ways you might meet them.

Don is a Professor in Pastoral Ministries, Director of Men’s Retreat, and Church Consultant.

Tom Bevan: Does Life Really Have To Be This Hard? (The questions we ask and the answers we receive.)

Why do we believe God “owes us an explanation” when we are forced to endure prolonged times of suffering?  Is God just seemingly silent toward us, or does His seeming stillness arise from the limitations of our “receptive capacity”, as CS Lewis speaks of?  Join us as we talk about this - and how we continue on at times “in spite of”.  Records of the lives of individuals in scripture as well as some present day examples will be drawn upon, including observations from a twenty plus year journey of the presenter’s. 

Tom is the Executive Director of the BBC&S Foundation. With more than 25 years of business experience, Tom has served in numerous business development and strategic planning roles. More than 11 years most recently have been devoted to work in financial services. Tom and Laura have three grown children in Grand Rapids, Oregon, and Texas.

Randy Gaumer: God, what do I do when my world falls apart?

When your job disappears, when your fired, when you lose all you worked for, when you lose all you love,  when the unexpected knocks you to the floor and you can't seem to get your breathe... how do you make it through?   Join Randy as he opens God's Word to see what God says about not just surviving, but finding victory as you traverse life's most difficult times

Randy has been a professional musician, a retail business owner and a pastor for 24 years in Iowa and PA.  He has spoken and lead music in conferences and seminars for most of his Christian life.

Lynelle Buchanan: What is it that my daughter needs from me?

Wouldn’t it be great if women came with manuals?  Even the little ones are complex and challenging!!!  The product of extensive research, this workshop helps fathers to understand and appreciate the needs of their daughters.  The workshop will give you insights into your little girl’s thoughts and needs.  It contains practical, biblical approach to helping your daughter become the young woman that God desires her to be.

Lynelle Buchanan is a professor in the Counseling Department.  She is also a pastor's wife and former Dorm Mom. Through these ministries she has logged over 8,500 hours of biblical counseling. She has a passion for the Word of God and its transforming power in the lives of believers. She is often called upon to speak to church groups and conferences, where she loves to point others to her big God. Some of her research interests include marriage enrichment, gender differences, and personality.

Rob Hammaker: So what does God say about Managing Money?

What drives you to get up and go to work every day? For many it is the paycheck at the end of the week.  Whether you have more than enough or never enough, you can always use God's principles to better manage His resources.  

Rob has served as a pastor in 2 local churches for 13 years.  He is currently the lead pastor of Calvary Baptist Tabernacle in Vestal, NY.  He and his wife, Sherry, have 4 children at home and have greatly enjoyed helping people figure out what they should do with their money and creating plans to help them get there.  

Jon Miklas: How can I get it all together?

I go all out and then run out of steam.  I keep plodding along but I am not getting the things done that I want to get done.  Come and explore how to develop a pace and rhythm for your life that will allow you to do what you enjoy, love your life and live it to its fullest!  We will be developing a sustainable pace that enables us to look forward to every day and feel great about the day when your head hits the pillow at night!

Jon has been married for 25 years to his wife, Christine.  They have two children, Alicia 23 and Daniel 15.  He has been serving at Cocalico Community Chapel as the lead pastor for 25 years.  Jon is an avid reader and long distance runner.

Dave Whiting: I still have questions about Alcohol: Can I drink?

The Christian and Alcohol is still a vigorously debated topic.  Dave Whiting contends that there are multiple positions that one might consider.  Which positions on alcohol are really viable biblical possibilities? This workshop will be quite different.  David has prepared his teaching to be done online with one of our staff facilitating some discussion as time permits.

Neal Wintermute: How do I disagree agreeably?

This workshop will explore biblical principles which will provide compelling ways to disagree without losing truth or respect for and from others.  Learn how to fight for relationships rather than fighting simply to be right.

Neal is a Teacher Pastor at CenterPoint Community Church, a church plant in Matamoras, PA.  He and his wife Colleen have been married for 17 years and have two girls, Jamie 15 and Alison 10. He graduated from Baptist Bible Seminary in May 2003 and is currently pursuing a DMin. from Dallas Seminary.

Activities include:

  • Sports tournaments
  • Bowling
  • Minute to Win It
  • Paper rocket competition
  • Rotunda songfest
  • Open gym
  • Weight room




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