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Below are examples of workshops that were offered during our 2013 conference. Please check back later for a complete listing of 2014 workshops, speakers, and descriptions.

Mike Brandon: Strength for the Street - "Body" Building Through Mercy Ministry.

Discover the part mercy ministry plays in Christ's workout routine for His body, the church, and learn the four steps to effective outreach to "the least of these" - the homeless, the helpless, and the hopeless (Mt.25:40).

Mike Brandon serves as Executive Director of The Paris Foundation, a Christian non-profit organization that mobilizes the church to minister to the poor and homeless in Elkton, MD

Kevin Stiles: Family Ministry

At Parker Hill Community Church, we believe two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences. The question has always been, “How can we effectively partner with parents, in order to change their kids’ lives?” Parenting is a journey, which is why we view our ministry through the lens of a Family Map. This tool focuses on the milestones in each child’s life and allows us to help prepare parents for what is coming next in.  At this workshop we will be looking over this Family Map tool and give you a “tweakable” version of this and other resources for you to implement in your own ministry context or family life.

Kevin Stiles is the Associate Pastor over small groups at Parker Hill Community Church.

Ted and Sherri Boykin: For Cryin' Out Loud! - A Workshop on taking the "Duh" out of Relationships

Stop the craziness! GETTING each other won’t ever happen if you rely on gender profiling to explain why you give tutorials on bed-making, or to figure out why your woman thinks "oatmeal" is a verb. Events surrounding a pre-wedding get-acquainted picnic and a look at Elijah, Esther, and Paltiel draw attention to atypical gender characteristics, and the need for an individualized approach to relationships.                 
Ted has taught for over  20 years in the Bible department as well as several years in the global/counseling department. Ted and his lovely wife, Sherri are dorm parents to 55 guys.

Ken Shepard: Strength to Face Adversity

Back by popular demand.  If you missed hearing Ken speak last year, then come and learn how do you handle diversity when it presents itself as a challenge? Do you run from God or run to God? Do you view it as an obstacle or a blessing? Where do you turn for your answers? Learn how Ken answered these questions during his professional baseball career in administration and his personal journey with cancer.

Ken grew up in North Syracuse, NY.  He and his wife Tonya have two children – Taylor and Travis. He graduated from St. Thomas University with a B.A. in Sports Administration.  Ken is currently the General Manager for the Bridgeport Bluefish.

Bill Higley: Leadership

Leading: How Do I Approach it? This seminar is designed to give the participant a framework from which to process, exercise, and evaluate their role and responsibility as leaders in the home, workplace, their church, or where ever God has placed them as leaders. 

Bill is a Professor at BBC ad the Softball coach.

Don McCall: Truth is Squeaky Clean (Friday 2:30-3:30)

This workshop will look deeply at Ephesians 4:25.  Paul has much to say about character development.  We will be investigating the high priority of truth in the life of a man following hard after God.
Don McCall: Anger- God's early warning system (Saturday 9:30-10:30)

This workshop will take a look at the dilemma that faces each of us in the area of anger.  What am I to understand about anger that is not sin and sinful anger?  Dealing with anger in a Godly way will bring renewed intimacy and peace to our homes and churches.

Don McCall: Speak Life (Saturday 10:45-11:45)

We read an amazing statement in Proverbs.  The tongue has the power of life and death.  This workshop will look deeply at Ephesians 4:29,30 .  Health would be restored to most marriages and churches if the truths of this text were known and implemented.

Don is a Professor in Pastoral Ministries, Director of Men’s Retreat, and Church Consultant.

Tom Bevan: Not just surviving, but thriving!  How life on life relationships sharpen us and make us better!

Life can be challenging and for us as men especially the decision about the course of direction we must take at times is not always clear - we lack clarity, or worse, objectivity!  A key to gaining that insight needed, lies in having others at your side helping you see what at times you cannot.  Join us and learn more about what such relationships can do for you, and begin thriving despite what life throws at you!

Tom is the Executive Director of the BBC&S Foundation. With more than 25 years of business experience, Tom has served in numerous business development and strategic planning roles. More than 11 years most recently have been devoted to work in financial services. Tom and Laura have three grown children in Grand Rapids, Oregon, and Texas.
Randy Gaumer: Bench pressing Humility  (Micah 6:8)

My Dad told me that the family motto is "Those people who think they know it all really irritate those of us who do."  I get the distinct impression that often that is what the world thinks of Christians. How can we impact those around us when they think us proud and arrogant and just a bunch of hypocrites?  The answer is easier than you think...but so powerful that it will change your life and the world around you!

Randy has been a professional musician, a retail business owner and a pastor for 24 years in Iowa and PA.  He has spoken and lead music in conferences and seminars for most of his Christian life.

Lynelle Buchanan: Unlocking the Female Code--Round Two

Yes, we can admit it.  Men and women are different.  And unfortunately, neither comes with an owner's manual.  Understanding the differences can build more effective communication and help us please the Lord in the way we interact with each other.  Even more so, observing the beauty of God's intentionally designed diversity should bring us to our knees in worship of our Creator.  Come pick up a few new tools for your relationship toolbox, so you are ready to go home and tackle your next home improvement project.

Lynelle Buchanan is a professor in the Counseling Department.  She is also a pastor's wife and Dorm Mom for 50 college women. Through these ministries she has logged over 8,500 hours of biblical counseling. She has a passion for the Word of God and its transforming power in the lives of believers. She is often called upon to speak to church groups and conferences, where she loves to point others to her big God. Some of her research interests include marriage enrichment, gender differences, and personality.

Paul McGuinness: Going Global

What would happen if we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters around the world? What if we joined with what God was already doing, partnering with His people around the globe? I think we’d start to experience what Paul had in mind when he wrote to the people in Rome. “You and I would be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” (Romans 1:12) Come and learn how you and your church can build international partnership with the people of God around the world.

Paul McGuiness is a Pastor and Director of Local and Global Outreach at Parkerhill Community Church in Clarks Summit, PA.

Activities include:

  • Sports tournaments
  • Bowling
  • Minute to Win It
  • Paper rocket competition
  • Rotunda songfest
  • Open gym
  • Weight room




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