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Special Guest Artist: Brad Todd
Brad started out as one of the few clean comedians in the comedy club world.  He has been a believer basically all of his life and one day (about five years ago) discovered there is such a thing as Christian comedy.  Since then, he has worked a number of events in churches and for various ministry organizations.  He still continues to work the comedy clubs.  The result is a “product” (if you will) that is clean enough for Sunday morning but funny enough for Saturday night.

Some of Brad's credits include headlining a DVD of 5 comics that was filmed in Detroit, MI called the New Comedy Revolution 2; he was one of only 8 comics to showcase at last summer’s convention of the clean Comedy Association in Nashville and he can regularly be heard on Christian radio on the nationally syndicated Daren Streblow Comedy Show.

Brad has had the privilege of working on tour with some of the biggest names in Christian comedy including Tim Hawkins, Kenn Kington, Michael Jr., Taylor Mason and Thor Ramsey.   Christian comedy is kind of a funny field and has performed in such comedy clubs as Bananas, Catch A Rising Star, and Gotham Comedy Club.

Brad's testimony:  "I am a sinner.  There is nothing I have done to earn my salvation.  I am saved by the blood of Jesus and what he did on the cross.  I am born again.  I have come to know the Lord.  His coming to earth and dying on the cross, and my belief in that is what saves me. 
It’s not that I am a good person, or do good things like attend church.  I sin, the Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.   By belief in him, I am spared judgment to hell.  I am assured I am going to heaven."




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