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Workshop Speakers & Descriptions:

Below are the speakers and their workshop descriptions for LYFE 2014.

Arp Joanna Arp—Money Matters Can Take Your Breath Away!
How much stuff is enough? Shopping, buying, planning, and saving for more shopping, buying, planning, and saving for more can make you breathless. Our culture tells us to get more and more and still more. 1 Timothy 6:3-19 gives us a biblical perspective on contentment. Learn to breathe easier with a little or a lot. Watch workshop promo video here.

Lynelle Buchanan—Dealing with Depression, Discontentment, or Discouragement
Momma said there would be days like this, and she wasn't kidding. People think that Christians should never have to deal with these downers, but the Bible says otherwise—and tells us how to deal with them when they come. Come learn about some biblical characters who struggled and how God brought them through it. Watch workshop promo video here.

Cambra and Folkerts

Dena Cambra & Lisa Folkerts—Breathe? You're Kidding, Right?
Just breathe! “I’m trying, but I can’t get my body to keep up with me.” Ever felt that way? You are not alone. Discover practical ways to help your body conquer the demands of your everyday life. You will leave encouraged as you find that it is possible to “just breathe." Watch workshop promo video here.


Nanette Fitch—Married and Still Breathing!
We all want a marriage that's fully alive, yet sometimes our relationship feels like it's out of breath or barely breathing. We don't need to merely hold our breath and hope for change.  God has given us great power to influence the health of our relationship. Discover how to breathe life into your marriage by breathing life into your husband. Watch workshop promo video here.


Sherrie Holloway—Identity Theft
Do you know who you are? Many believers are living with a hijacked identity and don't even realize it. Paul talks about the importance of knowing who we are in his letter to the Ephesians. Join us as we take a look at some of the recovery steps to regain our true identity. Watch workshop promo video here.


Margie Kauffman—As Long As I Have Breath
When a woman reaches retirement age, she may mistakenly think it is time not only to retire from a career but also from service. Is that God’s plan for us? This workshop is designed to help you prepare for your advanced years with a sense of renewed purpose and to help those who are already there. 
Watch workshop promo video here.


Diane Lytle—There's No Room to Breathe!
The difference between chaos and order, stress and peace, or exhaustion and energy is often your level of organization. Whether the clutter that fills your life is visible (think your desk or the kitchen sink) or invisible (think all those emails or your unfulfilled commitments), all that “stuff” can be controlled using the same basic principles. Watch workshop promo video here.


Jim Lytle—Ask Me Anything (About the Bible, That Is!)
Most of us have questions that we never quite get around to asking. Drawing on over thirty years of pastoral and professorial experience, Dr. Jim Lytle will do his best to answer your questions and offer some direction on where you might follow up in the Bible to get as full an answer as you can.
Watch workshop promo video here.


Julie Manwarren—Breathing LYFE Into Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest...What challenges are Christian women facing as they form an identity online? What opportunities are available? Whether you are a social media butterfly or you've decided to 'sign off', this workshop is for you! Join us as we look at God's Word to guide our perspective and navigate our presence online. Watch workshop promo video here.


Brian Maxwell—I Hate Speaking in Public
According to USA Today, public speaking made the Top 10 list of the least fun things to do, right up there with dieting and going to the dentist. Don’t let nervousness and apprehension keep your mouth shut. God is at work in your life and you have a story to tell. Let’s talk about how to prepare and share a meaningful personal testimony. Watch workshop promo video here.


Nancy Patten—What Are Singles and What Do We Do With Them?
For those of you who don’t remember what it was like to be single, or you have single kids, friends, or singles in your church and don’t know what to do with them, this one is for you. What singles wish marrieds knew about them: the do’s and the dont's. Watch workshop promo video here.


Kris Schill & Shirley Morris—"The Teacher Is On The Phone!" Stop! Take A Breath.
Education is collaboration between educator, student, and parent. All three must be working in concert for successful student development. Whether 5th grade, Sunday School or Awana, the same principles apply to all who influence children. We’ll discuss the challenges of being an educator, influencer, or parent so you won't have to hold your breath when the phone rings.
Watch workshop promo video here.

Stallard Dr. Mike Stallard—Homosexuality: Loving the Sinner While Hating the Sin
Christianity teaches that Christians can love the sinner while hating the sin. No current issues challenge believers on this point more than gay marriage and the homosexual political agenda. This workshop will provide balanced teaching that provides direction for a loving Christian response while affirming the biblical assessment of homosexuality. Watch workshop promo video here.
Walker Mel Walker—Bridging the Generation Gap: Connecting With Today's Teenagers
The teenage years can be scary—both for teenagers themselves, and for their parents. We’ll take a brief look at the contemporary youth culture to gain a better understanding of what teenagers are going through, but we’ll also look at some practical and effective steps parents and church members can take to build growing and healthy relationships with today’s teenagers.
Watch workshop promo video here.

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