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Workshop Speakers & Descriptions:

Below are the speakers and their workshop descriptions for LYFE 2015.

Workshop speaker Joanna ArpTell It Like It Is!
Joanna Arp
Let's be honest! We often pray to impress God, ourselves, or others. Don't dress up your prayers. Tell God your specific thoughts, emotions, and hurts. He knows everything and is right there with you. Psalm 139 reveals David's honest words to God. Let's study Psalm 139 and learn to pray honestly before God.

LYFE workshop speaker Dave BosketWho is your Internet Librarian?
Dave Bosket
Who filters, reviews and organizes the Internet materials you obtain and use? Is it you? This seminar will give you tools to use as we look at informational literacy on the Internet and how you can be assured that the information you are obtaining and using is relevant, useful, and accurate.

Designed for Diversity: Understanding and Appreciating the Differences in Men and Women
Lynelle Buchanan
Sometimes the circumstances of life leave women questioning what on earth men are thinking.  While men and women are definitely distinct, there is hope! With a little understanding and a few helpful tips, we can achieve more satisfying relationships in our personal lives and more effective strategies for working with men.

Princess Portraits
Sue Cagley

Daughters of the King of Kings serve in every generation and every place in the Kingdom. Looking at the lives and legacies of those princesses offers today’s princesses (you) glimpses of God’s grace at work. Come to this workshop to study the portraits of a few princesses from church history.

Kevlar Crowns: Ministry to the Military
Chaplain (Major) Randy Curry

Since the U.S. went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, over 2 million military members have deployed to a combat zone. With so many Americans deployed, almost every community is affected by soldiers returning from war. Learn practical, powerful, and relevant ways to minister to veterans and active duty service members with your local church.

If the Crown Fits…Look after Orphans
Paul Golden  

Adoption is the ultimate expression and outworking of loving the modern-day orphan. While not every Christian will be led by God to adopt (or be a foster parent), every Christian can and should do what they can to encourage and facilitate “looking after orphans.” This workshop will share specific ideas on becoming an adoption-friendly Christian.

Albert Einstein Had What?
Roddy & Amy Hannah

God uniquely designed each child. However, in school children sometimes struggle with the one-size-fits-all approach to education. This affects their self-worth, behavior, and grades. We'll share valuable insights into reaching children with learning differences, especially dyslexia. Some of this century's most influential thinkers were dyslexic, just like Einstein. Maybe the next Einstein sits in your class or home.

Walkin with My Sista’
Sherrie Holloway  

I’m an heiress for sure, but sometimes walking with the other members of royalty isn’t so easy. God has called us to do more than just put up with others. My freedom in Jesus Christ provides the blueprint for my steps. Join us as we take a look at what Paul says about our walk.

The Pastor’s Watchful Wife
Colleen Kliewer

“Watchful”? What does THAT mean? 1 Peter 5:4 says, “And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.” We can be encouraged that God is ever present to equip us in the whirlwind of ministry life in a unique way as the wife of the shepherd of the flock. 

How Certain Can I Be? Knowing and Doing God’s Will
Dr. Jim Lytle

When Christians want to know God’s will, sometimes they end up getting more confused than before they began seeking it! How could knowing God’s plan, the most valuable information that we could desire, bewilder us? How confident can we be? The Bible’s answer is very confident. Let’s open the Bible, and I’ll show you how.

Dancing in the REIGN
Andréa Maxwell

The dark storm clouds of life are going to roll in. It’s natural to want to run away, to get out of the rain, to try to protect ourselves from the storm. Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, we can learn to sing and dance in the rain. Our God REIGNS!

I Do! Or Do I?
Dr. Don & Bonnie McCall

Our commitment to Christ as His bride is mirrored in our wedding vows.  Take a journey back with us to the vows that you made back then and experience a fresh renewal of what you promised on that special day. Return home with a renewed commitment for a continuing experience of joy, intimacy, fun, and passion.

I Am Not Afraid To Die; I Am Afraid To Live.
Dr. Mark & Joy McGinniss

A strange sentiment for a Christian—not afraid to die but afraid to live. Christians can face death knowing the reality of God’s presence. But where is comfort for sufferers of chronic pain? What does someone do when they wake each morning not afraid to die, but afraid to live?

Building a Fortress of Certainty
Shirley Morris & Kris Schill

Why is this happening to me and how do I handle it?  We live in a very uncertain world where things are constantly changing.  Whether you are currently struggling, know someone who is, or need encouragement, it’s time to start building a fortress of certainty.


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