BBC’s Growing Leaders Conference is a 3 day leadership intensive.


BBC’s Growing Leaders Conference is designed to assist students in identifying and developing their gifts, talents, skills, and leadership abilities. 


BBC’s Growing Leaders Conference is just what you need if you plan on “Leading to the Next Level!”

High school students along with their advisors and youth pastors will be challenged and motivated to impact their fellow students and their schools for Jesus Christ. 


Since 1998, BBC’s Growing Leaders has provided leadership development opportunities to student leaders and their advisors through dynamic keynote speakers and practical, focused workshops in an effort to challenge and motivate them to lead and impact their schools and churches for Jesus Christ. 


As a guest you will be provided with five meals and overnight accommodations with our own student leaders. And don’t forget the chance to attend some excellent college classes and experience the vibrant social scene and up tempo campus life of BBC.

Whether you’re a student, an advisor, or a youth pastor, God wants to use you to have an impact on the world around you.  Please join us November 8-10 for an incredible leadership experience--BBC’s Growing Leaders 2012!


Advisors & Youth Leaders

You are a mentor.

You are a discipler.

You are an advisor.

You are a shephard.

You are a leader of leaders.


As a student leadership advisor or youth pastor you have the position to help your students understand the real need to lead…and to understand why it must be them. We believe that your presence and involvement in this process is both invigorating and necessary; that’s why we are inviting you to come with your students and experience the conference and all it has to offer.  Your personal knowledge of each student in your team will allow you to customize the conference to your group and to your individual members. During the conference, you will have the chance to facilitate group discussions, and evaluate both individual and team growth. This is an incredible opportunity for you to lead and inspire your team as we work together in this task of growing leaders.


We value your involvement in our conference so much that we would also like to make our “5+ discount” available to you. When you register and pay for a group of five or more students we will waive your advisor registration fee**.


While we would love to house everyone on campus, we simply cannot provide housing for any adult leaders. The students will stay in BBC’s Residence Halls with some of our top student leaders; all adults must find off campus accommodations. 

Click here for a list of local hotel information.

A limited amount of guest housing is available on campus. Click here for details.


**Please refer to the downloadable conference registration form for complete details, prices, and deadlines.



At Baptist Bible College we are committed to giving our students an excellent biblical education and training them to be effective leaders. These leaders can be found across our nation as well as around the world, serving God with the gifts and abilities that He has blessed them with. 


BBC’s Growing Leaders will not only provide you with resources and training needed to help you identify and develop your leadership abilities, but will provide the opportunity for you to visualize how to implement those abilities. God has given you and your generation amazing potential and vision for the future; we want to help you release that potential, project your vision, and apply it in a way that is consistent with your world and God’s incredible purpose for your life. Think of the possibilities, dream of the results; be faithful with what God has given you!


This conference will help to:

  • IGNITE YOUR IMAGINATION! You will begin to see and realize the awesome power of God and His plan for you. As you do this, you will begin to imagine like God has imagined.


  • INSPIRE YOUR COMMITMENT! God is going to do extraordinary things with or without you. He wants to use you, but you must be willing to accept the challenge.


  • STIMULATE YOUR CHARACTER! As you see like God sees and choose to be a part of His vision, you will desire to become more like Christ and to grow into the man or woman that God would have you to be.


  • ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS! As you utilize your imagination, commit yourself, and solidify your character, you will begin to understand how your skills, talents, and abilities fit into God’s ultimate plan.


  • AMPLIFY YOUR EFFECT! You will return home knowing where and how you can plug in your newly sharpened leadership abilities. By following Christ and applying yourself, you can have an explosive influence that impacts your world.


Cost & Registration

Download the registration form here.


“Early Bird” Discount!—Register by September 21, 2012, and pay only $90.00 per student; $70.00 per advisor!

The cost after September 21 is $110.00 per student; $80.00 per advisor.

The registration deadline is Friday, October 5, 2012*


Oh, and don’t forget, our “5+ Discount”—for every five students you bring, you get one advisor admission to the conference absolutely FREE! *


**Late registrations may be accepted until October 19, 2012, at an increased conference fee of $130.00 per student; $100.00 per advisor. Registrations will not be accepted after October 19, 2012.  “5+ Discount” does not apply to late registrations.




Conference Theme & Schedule

BBC’s Growing Leaders Conference 2012
November 8-10, 2012



Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do we lead?”

We lead to get a head. We lead because we want to be in charge. We lead because no one else will. We lead because we are told it’s what we’re supposed to do. Too often leadership becomes about the leaders and we forget the other very necessary element that defines leadership—those being led.


Leading is not about us; it's about the one's who are following.

So what does "Leading to the Next Level" mean?


It is about being intentional with your influence.


Moses led to the next level by leading and influencing Joshua. Paul led to the next level by leading and influencing Timothy. Jesus led to the next level by leading and influencing the disciples.


These leaders modeled for us what leading to the next level and intentionally influencing those around us for God should look like.


At BBC's Growing Leaders Conference 2012, keynote speakers Ken Rudolph and Mel Walker will lead us through a journey to shatter perceptions and establish the rock-solid reality and need for godly, influential leadership in our schools and churches, why it needs to be YOU, and why you should be leading to the next level!


BBC's Growing Leaders Conference is a brief but intense leadership conference that is designed to help you identify and develop your leadership abilities and to enable you to lead more effectively.



Download the Tentative Schedule for Growing Leaders 2012.


Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in BBC's Growing Leaders Conference.


For more information, please contact Jonathan Stayer by phone (570.585.9311) or email (growingleaders@bbc.edu).


“BBC’s Growing Leaders Conference impacted my life as a leader in school, in church, and in my community. The people here do not just teach strategies and tell you what is right. They live it.”
-Jeffrey Butler (Emlenton, PA)
President of BBC’s Class of 2013 and attendee of BBC’s GLC 2008