ADMISSIONS » Transfer Students

BBGS PhotoBBC believes that learning, wherever it occurs, should be recognized and integrated into a student's degree program when that learning is equivalent to a graduate educational level and is applicable for meeting degree and program requirements at BBC.

Applicants who have completed courses at an accredited college or university may receive transfer credit for courses which apply to one of the Graduate programs and which reflect a grade of "C-" or above. Credits from non-accredited schools must be validated. Contact the Registrar's office for further information.

Read the Institutional Credit Transfer Policy.

Each transfer student must have official academic transcripts of all previous graduate work sent to the Admissions office before a decision will be made on the student's application. A minimum of a 3.0 cumulative college GPA is required to be admitted otherwise the GRE may be required.

For Baptist Bible College’s graduate degrees, up to one-third of a student’s program may be accepted as normal transfer credit from other graduate schools, providing the course work is relevant to the student’s program and equivalent to BBC courses. Graduate-level courses taken while an undergraduate student may be eligible for transfer to the graduate program. Please check with the registrar's office for further information.

Call BBC Graduate Admissions toll free by dialing 800.451.7664.