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“I was looking for a summer graduate program that reflected my philosophy and would help me to strengthen my skills as an educator. When the opportunity to study at BBGS came up, I felt that it was a door opened by the Lord, and my heart opened to the idea. I have absolutely no regrets about the time spent at school because my life has been enriched in countless ways. Now, I feel that I can minister to students more effectively because of the many things I have learned from God's word about being a godly musician.”
Diane Thomas, M.S. in Christian School Education student

“I appreciate receiving practical knowledge about how to counsel people, and I love how building my counseling experience is a major part of the program. But really, the greatest asset of BBGS is knowing that the Scriptures are the foundation of the program, and we’re encouraged to wrestle with biblical truth and use it as our main resource.”
John Bruckner, M.S. in Counseling Ministries student  


“I think the summer program is perfectly designed for those who are currently teaching. It pushed me and stretched me both educationally and spiritually. I had to study and understand what I believe and why. Now, I am able to encourage those who are teaching for me to push themselves and pursue further education. The part of my experience at BBGS that most prepared me for ministry was simply the interaction I had with great teachers from around the world. They not only loved what they were teaching but loved us as well."
—Marcia Hopper, M.S. in Christian School Education graduate

“God has used my classes to stretch me spiritually and give me professional confidence. I appreciate the small classes and caring instructors. The classes have practical application, and I have developed an attitude of continued growth and improvement during my time at BBGS.”
Laurie Dunn, M.S. in Counseling Ministries student  


“As a BBGS student, I most appreciate the opportunity to glean sound biblical knowledge from quality professors. I also appreciate the opportunity to learn and discuss with other students about their perspectives and life-lessons learned from their own professional experiences. Each summer module is not just an academic time of learning, but it is a spiritual and professional revival.”
—Jonathan Priest, M.S. in Christian School Education student

“My course work has been so much more than just acquiring academic knowledge. Even though my initial desire has been to learn what I need to help others, I have found a continual personal transformation happening within me. This spiritual growth process has enhanced my life and the lives of those I contact. My training at BBGS is invaluable.”
Janie Cook, M.S. in Counseling Ministries student