Worldview Studies Master of Arts Degree

Worldview studies

The Worldview Studies concentration consists of two series of five courses each: The Reason and Revelation sequence and the Worldviews in Tension sequence.

Together these studies enable us to enter into the lives of other believers and unbelievers through a solid grounding in the eternal Truth of God as well as the temporal insights into the reality of who we are as a civilization.

The Reason and Revelation sequence involves the reading of major portions of Scripture in juxtaposition with thematically related “Great Books.” The intention is to wrestle with the theological and philosophic implications of the Christian worldview for our personal lives and service to others. By comparing and contrasting the Scriptures with thematically similar philosophic texts, we can better recognize the distinctive contours of the biblical message.

Worldviews in Tension sequence looks more closely at the history of Western thought and its origins in Greek poetry and philosophy, its development through the rise of Rome and Medieval Christendom, and its eventual flourishing and decline in modernity and post-modernity.

The 30-credit Master of Arts program is divided into two main parts – required and elective areas.

There are two required core areas: Bible, Theology & Interpretation, and Communications. You must select four courses in the Bible, Theology & Interpretation area and one course in Communications. Course listings for all sessions are online.

Choose from several specialized courses, including:
PH511 – Worldviews in Tension I: The Greeks
PH512 – Worldviews in Tension II: The Romans
PH513 – Worldviews in Tension III: Christendom Divided
PH514 – Worldviews in Tension IV: Modernity in Question
PH515 – Worldviews in Tension V: Modernity in Crisis
PH530 – Reason & Revelation I: The Pentateuch and Classical Antiquity
PH535 – Reason & Revelation II: Political Theology in Dialogue – King David and Cyrus
PH540 – Reason & Revelation III: Reflections on Old Testament Poetry
PH545 – Reason & Revelation IV: Interpretation: Pauline Epistles and Eastern Thought
PH550 – Reason & Revelation V: Communicating in a Fallen World – The Gospels, Truth & Rhetoric

Find a current schedule of courses here.

As a gradaute of the Master of Arts program you will be able to study from the Bible with greater thoroughness and intensity.

You will gain the conviction that nothing is more life-changing or more practical on a grand scale than investing your time and energy in the pursuit of greater clarity and comprehensiveness of perspective. When you see the world differently, you live differently.

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