Social Entrepreneurship Online Master of Arts Degree

Starting Fall 2011


… one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.


BBC’s online Social Entrepreneurship concentration will give you new theological and functional knowledge and skills to launch biblically based social impact programs or play a leadership role in an existing venture.

A social entrepreneur uses ideas and principles of entrepreneurship to organize, create, and manage ventures that are essentially social in nature. Unlike conventional entrepreneurship, which measures success primarily through investment returns, social enterprises place additional emphasis on social and environmental outcomes, such as literacy promotion, poverty alleviation, and regional economic development.

You will study the practice of social entrepreneurship through a mix of online graduate courses, experiential learning internships and projects, skill-focused training opportunities, and intensive coaching in the professional competencies required of successful venture creators.

You can play an active role in the design and delivery of social impact programs on behalf of your church or another organization with which you’re involved. Career options include:

Your graduate-level study will enable you to:

  • Advocate for global missionaries, especially in developing countries.

  • Create, lead, and direct a new community-based for-profit or nonprofit social impact venture.

  • Guide and manage an established nonprofit ministry or organization.

  • Play a strategic advisory role in social impact program development, both in the public and private sectors.

  • Serve as an administrative or executive pastorin a medium to large church.

  • Inside the Program
    The flexible 30-credit Master of Arts program is divided into two main parts – required and elective areas.

    There are two required core areas: Bible, Theology & Interpretation, and Communications. You must select four courses in the Bible, Theology & Interpretation area and one course in Communications. Course listings for all sessions are online.

    Choose from several specialized courses, including:
    BA500 – Fundamentals of Business Management
    BA511 – Global Perspectives on Social Entrepreneurship
    BA517 – Financial Management
    BA522 – The Legal and Ethical Environment for Enterprise Development
    BA527 – Strategic Management and Leadership Development
    BA534 – Marketing Strategy and Management
    ES514 – International Political Economy
    TH518 – Theology of Business as Missions
    TH529 – Theology of Social Justice
    TH535 – Theology in Praxis

    Find a current schedule of courses here.

    As a Social Entrepreneurship graduate of the online Master of Arts program, you will be able to study from the Bible with greater thoroughness and intensity. Your love of people and passion for creating solutions will be matched with skills and abilities enabling you to start or guide a powerful social impact program.

    Contact BBC for graduate enrollment information at or call 800.451.7664.