Online Literature Master of Arts Degree

BBC’s online Literature concentration will powerfully develop your ability to understand, evaluate, and use literature in your life and ministry.

Your critical thinking will expand through your application of deeper biblical interpretation, letting you use greater analytical and hermeneutical skills in literary content and criticism.

Your graduate-level study will enable you to:

  • Use communication skills to think, write, and speak clearly and effectively about Christian and non-Christian worldviews through literary analysis.

  • Read and interpret literature literally, grammatically, and historically.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills to recognize and evaluate literature and the perspective from which it is written, assessing its contribution to critical thought.

  • Show information literacy skills to retrieve, evaluate, and synthesize information for the development of a thesis.

  • Inside the Program
    The flexible 30-credit Master of Arts program is divided into two main parts – required and elective areas.

    There are two required core areas: Bible, Theology & Interpretation, and Communications. You must select four courses in the Bible, Theology & Interpretation area and one course in Communications. Course listings for all sessions are online.

    Find a current schedule of courses here.

    As a Literature graduate of the online Master of Arts program, you will be able to study and learn from the Bible with greater thoroughness and intensity. Your greater capacity for study will vastly broaden your skills and career options. It will make a difference in your life.

    Contact BBC for graduate enrollment information at or call 800.451.7664.