Intercultural Studies Master of Arts Degree

The Intercultural Studies Concentration is designed to help you analyze and understand how to interact with competing worldviews and belief systems in a biblical manner.

We live in a world that is in the midst of very significant changes. The internet, social networking, international corporations, and modern technology have accelerated and revolutionized the way the world collaborates and conducts business through global communications and intellectual cooperations.

In many parts of the county people are living and working in an international community.

This concentration will equip you to:

  • Understand various cultural norms.
  • Communicate a biblical worldview effectively in a multicultural setting.
  • Develop interpersonal skills to work with a multicultural team.

The 30-credit Master of Arts program is divided into two main parts – required and elective areas.

There are two required core areas: Bible, Theology & Interpretation, and Communications. You must select four courses in the Bible, Theology & Interpretation area and one course in Communications. Course listings for all sessions are online.

Choose from several specialized courses, including:
IS520 – Models of Global Ministry
IS530 – Partnerships in Global Ministry
IS531 – Developing Multicultural Teams
IS540 – Intercultural Communication
IS550 – Studies of Culture
TH561 – The Development of Theology in Culture Settings

Find a current schedule of courses here.

As a graduate of the Master of Arts program you will be able to study from the Bible with greater thoroughness and intensity. In addition, You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills neccesary to communicate and be more effective in a diverse international community, mission field or workplace.

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