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Eight-week sessions begin each August, October, January, March, and May.

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Summer 2015

May 11- May 15
CO542 Appraisal and Testing in Counseling–3– Mrs. Lynelle Buchanan
This course is a survey of assessment instruments which are involved in appraisal and counseling processes, including intellectual, personality, and vocational interest inventories. Validity/reliability, report writing, and ethical practices in the use of assessment devices is included along with supervised opportunities to administer various assessment instruments to counselees. (Prerequisite: equivalent of an undergraduate or graduate course in tests and measurements or statistics.)

May 18 – May 22
CO535 Introduction to Group Counseling–3–Mrs. Lynelle Buchanan
This course is a study of the process involved in group development, dynamics, counseling, and closure. Leadership styles, elements of cohesion, issues of confidentiality, and various theories of group approaches; ethics and moral guidelines, as well as analysis of long-term effectiveness from group experiences, and includes an experiential component which includes voluntary self-disclosure activities.

CO544 The Helping Relationship–3– Dr. Gerlin Valenica
This course focuses on developing the basic counseling skills that a beginning counselor needs in
order to deliver quality counseling services to clients, as well as to most effectively contribute to
a counselee’s transformative and meaningful change. **This course requires the use of a proctor service.


Summer 2015
may 11–JULY 3

BI507 Interpretation of Romans–3– TBA
This course is an expository study of the book of Romans. Special attention is given to the text of Romans, the development of its major theological themes and arguments, and the application of them in the lives of believers.

BI520 Wisdom Literature and Proverbs–3–TBA
This course will be a collaborative online study that will serve as an introduction to the OT Biblical Wisdom Literature, with a concentrated focus on the book of Proverbs. You will examine how the message of wisdom literature fits into the meta-narrative of the whole Bible (God’s grand story of redemption), with special attention given to its use and application to the believer today. With this in mind, you will have the opportunity to experience a “Spiritual Formation” element of this study of wisdom literature.And, the course will also give students the opportunity to design a useful teaching-learning experience (e.g., something that can be used in a small group Bible study, discipleship, ABF or Sunday School class, Bible institute, preaching, etc.).

CO508 Methods of Biblical Change–3– Dr. Gerlin Valencia
This course covers elements for effective relationship-building between counselor and counselee, the process of affecting behavioral, attitudinal, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual heart change in counselees’ lives, and elements of spiritual dynamics, grace accountability, and follow up in their relationship to affecting biblical change in counselees’ lives. **This course requires the use of a proctor service.

CO568 – Four Phases of Clinical Discipleship –1– Dr. Heather Hall
This course presents a comprehensive approach to biblical counseling which includes components for evangelism, nouthetic counseling, spiritual warfare, and for promoting an understanding of our new life in Christ. These elements complement one another and can enhance the work of counselors as a framework for understanding and for intervening biblically in the struggles presented by those we counsel.

ED510 Research Methods–3–Dr. John Best
This course introduces the student to the tools, methods, and design of research studies.  Emphasis is given to contribution skills as well as intelligently understanding how to utilize research literature.

ED513 Assessment of Learning– 3– Dr. John Best
This course is an overview of the assessment process within schools. Standardized tests and alternative instruments will be examined. Instrument development and evaluation, student evaluation, and reporting of student progress will be emphasized.

ED550 Contemporary Issues in Education–3–Dr. Ritch Kelley
This course covers current research pertaining to issues of importance to educators and implications of these issues for the Christian school movement. Emphasis is given to societal trends, church/state issues, and Christian versus public school issues.
ED576   Advanced Methods of Teaching Literature– 3– Dr. Janet Hicks

LI517 Narrative Genre–3–Dr. Janet Hicks
This course explores the history and structure of the main genres of narrative literature: the novel, the short story, the poem, and the play. It seeks out historical context, structure, rhetorical strategy, grammar, and thematic intent found in selections from each genre.

TH511 How to Develop a Biblical Worldview–3–TBA
A presentation of the basic steps for building a Christian worldview that is true to the Bible. The student will be guided through the process of building a biblical worldview using case studies at various levels of doing theology:  exegesis and biblical theology, linking from one passage to another in the Scriptures, categorizing all of the biblical data on various themes, validating extra-biblical truth claims, and applying biblical teaching to all of life.

TH517 Survey of Doctrine–3–TBA
This course is an overview of the ten major theologies of the Bible spread over an eight-week online course. Examination of the major issues behind Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pnuematology, Angelology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology will be covered in a systematic approach.

TH523 Dispensational Premillenialism–3– TBA
Students in this course have the opportunity to examine God’s multifaceted plan for the world, past, present, and future. The course offers a dispensational premillennial approach enabling students to understand God’s plan for the ages. The course experience helps students to compare and contrast this interpretive approach to others.


Proctor service
**Some courses will require the use of a proctor service. BBC&S has chosen to use "Proctor U" as the service provider. Payment of all proctoring fees will be the obligation of the individual examinee. Any charges applicable to the examinee must be paid with a credit or debit card. Fees vary depending on the length of the exam and the timeliness of scheduling. For questions contact Kara McGinniss at or 570.585.9286.