Bible Master of Arts degree

Bible Masters Degree

The Bible Master of Arts degree concentration is designed to give the student both a broad overview and specific Bible study skill experience.

The Bible survey courses will give you the big picture of the story of Scripture. Individual book courses allow use of Bible study methods in specific books to provide a paradigm for all your future Bible study.

You will gain from:

  • A deeper understanding of Bible and theology.

  • Practical tools for ministry and study.

  • Intense interaction and collaboration with instructors and classmates.

  • Relevant, real-life assignments fostering a hands-on approach to ministry.

  • The 30-credit Master of Arts program is divided into two main parts – required and elective areas.

    There are two required core areas: Bible, Theology & Interpretation, and Communications. You must select four courses in the Bible/theology area and one course in Communication. Course listings for all sessions are online.

    Choose from several specialized courses, including:
    BI503 – The Interpretation of Genesis
    BI504 – The Interpretation of Gospels: Luke
    BI507 – The Interpretation of Romans
    BI508 – The Interpretation of Hebrews
    BI510 – Inductive Bible Study
    BI512 – Interpretation of Psalms
    BI513– Interpretation of the Song of Songs
    BI520 – Wisdom Literature
    BI523 – A Chronological Interpretation of the Life of Christ
    BI526 – Interpreting Biblical Prophecy: Daniel and Revelation
    BI527 – A Chronological Interpretation of Bible Literature
    BI529 – Christ in the Old Testament
    BI531 – The Interpretation of the Gospels: John
    BI550 – Principles of Bible Teaching
    EM507 – Spiritual Formation in the Context of Community
    EV520 – Personal Evangelism in a Postmodern Era
    TH507 – Theological Issues and the Church
    TH511 – How to Develop a Biblical Worldview
    TH516 – Christology
    TH517 – Survey of Doctrine
    TH521 – Apologetics
    TH522 – Church and Baptist Distinctives
    TH523 – Dispensational Premillennialism
    TH590 – Readings in Theology

    Find a current schedule of courses here.

    As a gradaute of the Master of Arts program you will be able to study from the Bible with greater thoroughness and intensity. Your increased passion and abiblity to learn with ease will be transmitted to those you instruct and mentor through Bible study.

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