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Dennis Wilhite
Youth Ministries
Phone: 570.585.9264
Personal Webpage:

B.R.E., Baptist Bible College
M.R.E., Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary
Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

About Dr. Wilhite:
Dr. Dennis Wilhite came to BBC after 20 years of local church ministry. He served in a variety of associate pastor and interim pastor roles, most of that time invested in youth ministry. His focus has been discipling people for the work of the ministry both in his years in the local church and in his ministry at BBC. Dr. Wilhite is the founder of Pilgrimage Educational Resources and has used that venue for the past 35 years to help churches and other organizations develop aggressive, effective approaches to leadership development. His favorite thing to do is still to head into the wilderness with a group of people hungry to chase after broadened understanding of themselves, others, God, and ministry leadership. Dr. Wilhite teaches a range of youth ministry, discipleship, and leadership courses both on campus and in wilderness classrooms.

"I want students to carry the power of the creator into his world in a way that transforms it radically. No settling for good enough." -Dr. Dennis Wilhite