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Summer 2013 On Campus Education Modules

Week one: July 8 12

ED548 – Instructional Design
This course provides an overview of the theoretical and practical framework for creating effective instruction. Topics include instructional systems, instructional outcomes, varieties of learning, designing instruction, and delivery systems for instruction. Emphasis will be on determining goals, identifying appropriate resources and strategies to reach those goals, and evaluating the ultimate achievement of the goals. In addition, student involvement in the instructional development process will be emphasized.
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ED584 – School Law
This course will introduce students to a variety of legal principles. Particular consideration
will be given to Christian schools, although the class will also cover legal issues involved in public education. The class will also examine school law issues from a philosophical/theoretical framework.
Download a PDF of the course syllabus.

RS501 – Diagnostic Evaluation of Reading Problems
The student becomes familiar with and practices using various types of formal and informal instruments and techniques used to discover a reader’s strengths and weaknesses. The course provides instruction in the writing of evaluation reports and how to share the results with parents and school personnel.
Download a PDF of the course syllabus.

ED546 – Educational Theatre
This course presents approaches to educational theatre, including Cecily O’Neill’s Process Drama, Dorothy Heathcote’s Mantle of the Expert, Jonothan Neeland’s Structuring Drama Work, and Nellie McCaslin’s Creative Dramatics. Students will also explore the elements of play production, including directing, developing acting skills, dramaturgy, design, stage management, and promotion. Side note: This course offers a practical, fun, hands-on opportunity to learn how to use various theatrical techniques and approaches to literature, social issues and faith-based issues.


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