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Master of Education


ED510 Research Methods 3 credits — Dr. Barry Smith
This course introduces the student to the tools, methods, and design of research studies. Emphasis is given to contribution skills as well as intelligently understanding how to utilize research literature.

ED511 Statistical Methods & Applications 3 credits — Dr. Barry Smith
This course is an examination of descriptive and basic inferential statistical techniques. Correlation, principles of probability, and hypothesis testing will also be studied. Emphasis is placed on computer applications and the utilization of a statistical package and a Windows-based spreadsheet.


Prerequisites must be met prior to entering the program or before beginning practicum.

Bible / Theology
-       An undergraduate Bible / theology major or its equivalent, or
-       Bible / theology competency indicated by passing examinations in these two areas, or
-       Satisfactory completion of the following three-credit course, available online:

TH517 — Survey of Doctrine — 3 credits
This course is an overview of the ten major theologies of the Bible spread over an eight-week online course. Examination of the major issues behind Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pnuematology, Angelology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology will be covered in a systematic approach.


Eight-week sessions begin each August, October, January, March, and May.

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