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Master of Education

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ED510 Research Methods 3 credits — Dr. Barry Smith
This course introduces the student to the tools, methods, and design of research studies. Emphasis is given to contribution skills as well as intelligently understanding how to utilize research literature.

ED511 Statistical Methods & Applications 3 credits — Dr. Barry Smith
This course is an examination of descriptive and basic inferential statistical techniques. Correlation, principles of probability, and hypothesis testing will also be studied. Emphasis is placed on computer applications and the utilization of a statistical package and a Windows-based spreadsheet.


Prerequisites must be met prior to entering the program or before beginning practicum.

Bible / Theology
-       An undergraduate Bible / theology major or its equivalent, or
-       Bible / theology competency indicated by passing examinations in these two areas, or
-       Satisfactory completion of the following three-credit course, available online:

TH517 — Survey of Doctrine — 3 credits
This course is an overview of the ten major theologies of the Bible spread over an eight-week online course. Examination of the major issues behind Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pnuematology, Angelology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology will be covered in a systematic approach.


Eight-week sessions begin each August, October, January, March, and May.

Check the Scope and Sequence to see which classes are set to be offered and when.

Spring 2015
Session 2
march 16–may 8

ED506 Philosophy of Learning–2 credits–Dr. Ritchie Kelley
An overview of the development of the philosophy of learning and how each philosophy impacts teaching. The course will focus on the what, why, and how of learning. Various philosophies of learning will be compared and evaluated as well as how the student’s view of learning impacts their style of teaching. The theological implications of the philosophy of learning will also be discussed.

ED548 Instructional Design–3 credits–TBA
This course provides an overview of the theoretical and practical framework for creating effective instruction. Topics include instructional systems, instructional outcomes, varieties of learning, designing instruction, and delivery systems for instruction. Emphasis will be on determining goals, identifying appropriate resources and strategies to reach those goals, and evaluating the ultimate achievement of the goals. In addition, student involvement in the instructional development process will be emphasized.

ED569 Writing Practicum–1 credits–TBA
This course is an exploration of theory, research, and practice related to the educator as an academic and professional writer.  Study of the writer’s craft, including issues of voice, audience, revision, conventions and style, and editing are a main focus.  Participants may begin their writing for ED 591, assignments for their profession, and/or for publication.

LI525 Readings in Modern American Thought - 3 credits - Dr. Brian Maxwell
This readings course is designed to study works of American literature that have influence post 1950. This course will review poetry, short stories, plays, and/or novels that contribute to American thought.



CO536 Addictions Counseling 1 credit
CO553 Cross-Cultural Biblical Counseling 1 credit
CO563 Child Rearing: Biblical Principles & Applications 1 credit
CO566 Biblical Counseling with Difficult Issues 1 credit
CO568 The Four Phases of Clinical Discipleship 1 credit
CO575 The Christian Nurture and Counseling of Children and Teens: A Theologically Rooted Model 1 credit
CO579 Counseling Adolescents and Their Parents 1 credit