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Master of Science degree
in Counseling

- Overview
- Program Requirements
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Program Requirements & Prerequisites

Prerequisites for the Master of Science degree in Counseling include nine hours of undergraduate Psychology or Counseling related courses and nine credits of Bible and Theology.

If you have not completed the prerequisites, contact Graduate Admissions at or 800.451.7664. We can work with you on options to satisfy requirements.

The program includes:

Foundational Biblical Counseling Courses (Nine credit hours)

  • CO 502 Biblical Theology of Counseling
  • CO 506 Biblical Philosophy of Counseling
  • CO 508 Methods of Biblical Change

Professional Counseling Courses ( 33 credit hours)

  • CO 519 Evaluating Research
  • CO 520 Theories and Techniques of Counseling
  • CO 530 Human Development
  • CO 532 Career Counseling
  • CO 535 Introduction to Group Counseling
  • CO 539 Marriage and Family Counseling
  • CO 540 Abnormal Behavior
  • CO 542 Appraisal and Testing in Counseling
  • CO 544 The Helping Relationship
  • CO 550 Ethics and Professional Orientation to Counseling
  • CO 565 Ethnicity and Counseling

Supervised Field Experiences (Six credit hours)

  • CO 580 Practicum
  • CO 590 Internship

Comprehensive Exam (No credit hours)

See complete course descriptions in the catalog here.