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48 credit hours

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Required Courses and Electives

You will learn from the following courses while pursuing your degree:

Foundational Biblical Counseling Courses - 8 credit hours
Professional Counseling Courses - 30 credit hours
Electives - 4 credit hours
Supervised Field Experiences (Practicum, Internship) - 6 credit hours
Comprehensive Exam - 0 credit hours

TOTAL - 48 credit hours
(Note: Certain prerequisites apply for all students.)

View the Three Year Scope and Sequence for this program here.

For the online program schedule of courses click here.

First Year Students

CO508 Methods of Biblical Change (2 credits)
CO502 Biblical Theology of Counseling (2 credits)
CO535 Introduction to Group Counseling (3 credits)

CO506 Biblical Philosophy of Counseling (2 credits)
CO520 Theories and Techniques of Counseling (3 credits)
CO532 Career Counseling (3 credits)

CO542 Appraisal & Testing (3 credits)

CO550 Ethics & Professional Orientation to Counseling (3 credits)

Second Year Students

CO504 Applications of Biblical Counseling (2 credits)
CO540 Abnormal Behavior (3 credits)
CO511 Statistical Methods & Applications (3 credits)
CO580 Practicum I (1 credit)

CO530 Human Development (3 credits)
CO510 Research Methods (3 credits)
CO580 Practicum II (1 credit)

CO560 Ethnicity, Families & Counseling (3 credits)
CO580 Practicum III (1 credit)

Third Year Students

CO590 Internship (3 credits)


Prerequisites must be met prior to entering the program or before beginning practicum. The following prerequisites apply for all students:
Bible / Theology

-       An undergraduate Bible / theology major or its equivalent, or
-       Bible / theology competency indicated by passing examinations in these two areas, or
-       Satisfactory completion of the following three-credit course, available online:

TH517 – Survey of Doctrine – 3 credits – Dr. Donald Holdridge
This course is an overview of the ten major theologies of the Bible spread over an eight-week online course. Examination of the major issues behind Bibliology, Theology Proper, Christology, Pnuematology, Angelology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology will be covered in a systematic approach.

Counseling / Psychology
-       An undergraduate major in a human service field, or
-       A bachelor’s degree with undergraduate competency demonstrated in the equivalent of nine semester hours of counseling / psychology courses


You can tailor the program to your interests and schedule by choosing electives conveniently offered as DVD courses.

CO536—Addictions Counseling (2 credits)
CO568—The Four Phases of Clinical Discipleship (1 credit)
CO566—Biblical Counseling with Difficult Issues (1 credit)
CO562—Soul Care When the Bible Doesn’t Seem to be Enough (1 credit)
CO567—Biblical Counseling for Those Struggling with Sexual Sin (1 credit)
CO561—A Rose in Bloom: The Godly Woman (1 credit)
CO546—Sexual Functions, Dysfunctions & Remediations (2 credits)
CO548—How to Live Spiritually and Sexually Mature Lives (1 credit)
CO553—Cross-Cultural Biblical Counseling (1 credit)
CO563—Biblical Child-Rearing: Principles & Applications (1 credit)
CO572—Pre-Marital Counseling (1 credit)
CO574—Solving Marriage Problems (1 credit)
CO575—The Christian Nurture and Counseling of Children and Teens (1 credit)
CO579—Counseling Adolescents and Their Parents (1 credit)