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Completion Options and courses

We appreciate the unique schedule that educators face, so we offer great flexibility between our online course options and our summer modules.

Summer modules will allow you to become a vital part of our community of educational professionals when you come to campus for two or four weeks over three summers.

Our online classroom provides a convenient way to complete up to 50% of your program during the months between summer modules. Be part of a highly interactive online community of educators.


Capstone Project —ED591
In addition to the standard coursework, students are required to complete the Master of Education Capstone Project. The Capstone Project is intended to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate the acquisition of research or writing skills, to show their mastery of course work, or to extend the knowledge acquired in prior courses. The Capstone Project must be completed prior to graduation.

Download Capstone Project instructions here.

Please contact our admissions office if you would like help developing a course sequence that is unique to your educational desires and circumstances –