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BBGS PhotoChoosing a Concentration
At Baptist Bible College, choosing a concentration in your master’s program lets you tailor your academic experiences to meet your specific goals.

The 30 credit-hour Master of Science in Christian School Education degree prepares you to grow your ministry and teaching career.

Coursework for the Experience-based Educational Leadership concentration involves 17 credit hours within the context of an internship environment or within the context of the student's existing work environment. The concentration is designed with maximum flexibility to accommodate the specific needs of individual students.

Experience-based Educational Leadership Concentration

This concentration is designed for students interested in mastering the concepts and skills involved in designing and facilitating effective learning experiences in active learning environments.

Through hands-on learning and active participation you will be equipped to do the following:

  1. Exercise of educational leadership that encourages and facilitates collaborative learning at all levels of the organization.
  2. Lead educational organizations in a manner that creates and maintains a productive community of learners.
  3. Development of comprehensive experience based educational strategies using skills in evaluation, adaptation and integration of new and existing strategies for efficient and effective pursuit of educational goals.
  4. Recruitment, development, and mobilization, of administration, faculty, staff, and students as effective educational teams.
  5. Interaction with all levels of governance, administration and staff activities for creation and maintenance of maximum organizational productivity.
  6. Effective and prudent planning and oversight of all financial aspects of a non-profit educational organization.
  7. Development and management of a comprehensive, responsible risk management policy.

When finished, you will be better able to lead your students on spiritual and academic levels. You will be equipped with the latest in teaching practices and methodology. A comprehensive project over the last half of your studies will tie together your learning experiences.

Meeting a Need
The most effective learning is acheived through practice and experience. The Experience-based Educational Leadership program will prepare you to develop and facilitate experience-based educational offerings.

You will learn to lead others and teach others to lead by providing outdoor education, therapeutic recreation, and other interpretive nature programs.

Concentration Courses
This concentration includes a biblical and academic base.

  • Leading in Active Learning Environments
  • Educational Organizations as Learning Communities
  • Strategic Thinking for Educational Leaders
  • Developing Dynamic Teams
  • Governance & Administration of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Principles of Risk Management for Non-Profit Organizations

After the Tassel
When you graduate from Baptist Bible College, you will be better equipped to develop age-appropriate curriculum in your classrooms.

Because the program emphasizes theory and research skills, you will graduate with the basis for pursuing post-graduate studies.

On a practical level, you will be equipped to train, organize, and lead teams and groups in an effective and non-traditional educational experience.


To learn more
It’s easy to learn more about the Experience-based Educational Leadership concentration.

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