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BBGS PhotoChoosing a Concentration
At Baptist Bible College, choosing a concentration in your master’s program lets you tailor your academic experiences to meet your specific goals.

The 31 credit-hour Master of Education degree prepares you to grow your ministry and teaching career. Courses are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Secondary English/Communications Concentration

You will focus on special content in drama, writing and literature, as well as core biblical- and theological-based courses and contemporary classroom methods.

You will receive tools needed to minister and lead your students on academic and spiritual levels. You will also be equipped with the latest in teaching practices and methodology. A comprehensive project over the last half of your studies will tie together your learning experiences.

Meeting a Need
The ability to take students beyond surface learning to a deeper level of critical thinking is an essential educational tool.

Through the Secondary English/Communications concentration, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to make your classroom more effective than it has ever been. The program will sharpen your own critical thinking skills and expand your depth of knowledge in all aspects of written communication.

Concentration Courses
This concentration includes a biblical and academic base.

  • Advanced Methods of Teaching Literature
  • Dramatic Genre or Narrative Genre
  • Narrative Genre
  • Principles of Literary Criticism
  • Theory & Teaching of Grammar & Writing in Secondary Schools
  • Advance Expository and Criticism

After the Tassel
When you graduate from Baptist Bible College, you will be better equipped to communicate writing, drama and literature principles in your classroom.

Because the program emphasizes theory and research skills, you will graduate with the basis for pursuing post-graduate studies.

On a practical level, you will be able to better promote intellectual and spiritual growth in your students.

Real People
“The classes in the English track of Baptist Bible Graduate School's Master's in Education program have challenged my critical thinking skills and my ability to be discerning in my teaching. Teaching and learning to teach with and through a Biblical world life view is the most important strength of the program. A biblical world life view approach to literary criticism and classroom teaching has been integral to my philosophy of teaching English.”
- Jeremy Kemmerer, Graduate Assistant, Department of English and Communications at Baptist Bible College, Class of 2008

“The classes forced me to do extensive study in my field and challenged me to examine and modify my thinking. I most appreciate experienced, caring professors. I felt that I learned as much from their example in the classroom as I did from their teaching.”
- Heather Kocher, Graduate Assistant, Department of English and Communications at Baptist Bible College, Class of 2010

To learn more
It’s easy to learn more about the Secondary English/Communications concentration.

Contact the BBC Admissions team at or call 800.451.7664.