We understand the challenge of paying for your classes. That’s why we offer several ways to make your education more affordable. You can qualify for several kinds of assistance.

Work Study | Loans | Other Financial Assistance



Classes in the flexible Master of Arts program are priced at $350 per credit hour. Courses in the Education and Counseling Ministries programs are priced at $445 per credit hour.

BBC alumni can save with a discount in the M.A. and Counseling Ministries programs.

BBC alumni and Christian school teachers are eligible for tuition discounts in the M.Ed. program.

Alumni need to have completed at least 12 credits at BBC to be eligible for the discount. Get all the details from Graduate Admissions. Email or call 800.451.7664.


Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is available on a limited basis. The priority deadline for applying is July 1.

An application for Federal Work Study begins by you, the student, filing the FAFSA , or Free Application For Federal Student Aid.

The second step in applying for Federal Work Study is to submit an application form for Financial Aid to review. The application form is available here.


A student loan is an award of financial aid for which the lender will have to be paid back. All graduate level loans are unsubsidized, which means that you will be responsible to pay all interest that accrues on the loan from the date of disbursement until it is paid in full.

You may need to carefully consider taking out a loan to help pay the costs of your education. View the Baptist Bible Lending Code of Conduct here.

The following information will be helpful as you consider student loans:

Application Deadline
Federal Direct Stafford Loan
Cost of attendance
Up to $20,500 depending on cost of attendance
June 30, 2016
Private Alternative Loan
- Co-signer may be required
- Approved credit history
Up to full cost of academic year
Contact lender of choice

Baptist Bible College bases its selection of preferred loan lenders solely on the best interest of its students. Read more about the selection process here.

The amount of Stafford Loan money a student may receive in a year depends on FAFSA results and the cost of attendance (based on enrollment status, such as full-time vs. half-time).

Stafford Loans are subject to a 1.073% origination fee, therefore the amount of money actually received by BBC and disbursed to your account will be 1.073% less than the amount borrowed. For example, if you borrow a Federal Direct Stafford Loan in the amount of $8,500, the actual amount disbursed to your account would be $8,409.00. The interest rate for 2015-2016 is fixed at 6.21%.

Download the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Request Form (2015-2016).

The Pennsylvania Student Loan Marketplace offers alternative loans to students and their families in an effort to make them as affordable as possible. It is not only the place that you can see a side by side comparison of what your loan terms would actually be, but, it should be a helpful tool in making an informed decision as to the kind of loan and what lender would best suit your situation. Students are not required to use the Pennsylvania Student Loan Marketplace – you can choose any lender that you prefer.

To learn about and compare your loan options in the marketplace, click here.

To view the disclosure statement of the Pennsylvania Student Loan Marketplace, click here.

Other Financial Assistance

Thousands of other grants and scholarships are available. The power for accessing these scholarships lies with you. Remember: Help is available as you search.

Getting Started
The above link is your key to learning how to search for scholarships. It will help you maximize your potential to receive aid. It is well worth your time to read through this information. It won't take long and will give you direction. For more information concerning graduate studies scholarships, please contact Financial Aid at

These websites also provide information about available financial aid. Use this list as a starting point, but do not limit yourself to just these websites. Do some research. You will find much is available for you.