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BBC's RiSE Worship Team

RiSE = worship, discipleship, service, music, travel.  Interested in being part of the team? 

Fill out an application here.

The deadline for application is January 18, 2015.

Please contact Geoff Ellsworth at with any questions after you read the details mentioned here:

The team exists to glorify God by serving the local church, by representing and recruiting students to BBC&S through corporate worship and relational ministry to multiple generations with a focus on youth. The team will represent God’s work at BBC by developing young leaders (team members) and providing meaningful and biblical corporate worship experiences through music, Scripture and testimony.

Team members are pulled from the entire student body by audition/interview. Membership is open to any BBC&S student from any program/major who has a musical or technical gifting, enjoys travel and variety, and likes interacting with people. Audition/interviews begin in mid-January with the selection process typically ending by the end of February.  In depth research is done on each applicant with the Student Development Office, Academic/Registrars Office, etc.  Each BBC employee is given the opportunity to give input on each candidate.

Teams are made up of five to ten members. The ministry is music/worship-leading-based with opportunities for camp counseling and speaking in churches, youth groups, school chapels, and camps. Music style is diverse but based on a modern “worship band” format (e.g. - guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, etc).  

Meetings and rehearsals begin as early as February with travel starting in May. This year’s May Tour starts right after BBC graduation and is a two week tour of Christian Schools primarily in PA and NY.  Summer travel starts in early-mid June, ends by early August and is filled mostly with camps, conferences and churches. School-year appointments focus more on places within a 2-3 hour drive, with some trips occasionally going farther.

While we find that most people would participate in RiSE on a volunteer basis, we recognize that being busy much of the summer can have an impact on being able to pay for life’s obligations – including school bills. So, compensation packages are arranged and are in the form of scholarships, direct payments, or a combination of both. Initial details can be discussed in the interview/audition process with finer details being discussed in subsequent steps in the audition process if necessary.

Because of the paragraph above, RiSE then is a job as well as a ministry. Your involvement during the school year in one other flexible, part-time job and one on-campus activity (teams, groups, etc) should be doable (depending on the schedule of that activity). You need to be available full-time for a total of 10 weeks between May through early August (exact weeks to be determined), as well as for various engagements during the school year (mostly, though not exclusively on weekends/Sundays, two-three times per month). Efforts will be made to work with other BBC departments to work around potentially conflicting schedules. Since this group will be doing a lot of work during the summer, they will be largely established and rehearsed as a team once school starts in the fall. We expect this to minimize the need for regular rehearsals during the school year.

Application & Timing
You can apply online at   Applications are due January 18, 2015.  Interviews/auditions and selection of the team will take place soon after.  Casual orientation meetings and rehearsals could begin as early as February; more intense preparations will likely begin in March.

BBC Church Relations– Geoff Ellsworth, and Mel Walker, Vice President of Communications & External Relations