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As a parent, nothing is more important to you than your child’s well-being. We understand that even after your student has left for college, your involvement in his or her life is vital.

Our goal is to help you stay both connected and active.

Whether you are the parent of a current or future student, our website will provide you with useful information and a number of helpful services:

What they say
“We wanted to send our kids to a school where they’d learn outside of the classroom – where they’d learn to serve and give. I’ve never encountered a school with a heart for training individuals or with the passion for ministry that BBC demonstrates.”
- Richard Palmer, parent of BBC alum

"Everyone is so nice and we couldn't be more thankful that our son is there. He was all settled in and making friends and having a great time when we left. We can't wait till we get to come back for a visit! We love BBC and would be perfectly happy to just move right on campus!"
- Cheri Pannebaker, parent of BBC student

BBC students are significantly more satisfied with their college experience compared to counterparts at select Christian colleges and other four-year private higher education institutions. Read more here.