Cynthia Taylor: Back to the Beginning

Cynthia Taylor: Back to the Beginning

It started in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Dave and Barb Taylor were serving as missionaries and where their daughter, Cynthia, was born.

Although she and her family have been living in the United States since she was 17, Cynthia will always call Sao Paulo her home.Cynthia Taylor

Soon, she will return to the land that holds her heart, continuing the ministry started by her parents and leaving work as a graphic artist at BBC&S and in local churches and ministries.

Growing up in Brazil was great. I really loved it. Some "missionary kids" have a hard time, but I loved it. I loved speaking two languages and knowing two cultures. And I love the people of Brazil.

I considered myself a "kid missionary" rather than an MK. My family's ministry there was church planting. I did my best to invite my friends and help out with the youth program. I was pretty involved. I helped with teaching Sunday school to the younger kids. I also took Evangelism Explosion when I was 15 and went door to door. My parents served in Brazil for 27 years. I was there for 17 years until my father passed away.

I remember the sense of community I felt in the churches in Brazil. Our family would stay all day at the church on Sundays because we lived an hour away. Our church families would stay there with us, each one would bring a dish for lunch. We would have a kind of potluck and spend the afternoon together.

God is leading me back to Sao Paulo. I was born and raised in this city and I have had a passion for it for such a long time. The more I prayed about it, the more God confirmed this was where He was leading me.

I am looking forward to seeing lives changed and transformed. I am excited to be used and to potentially be a key person in someone's life who is considering missions involvement. I have a unique opportunity to go back to where my parents served, see the fruit of their ministry, and be a part of furthering what they did there.

My family knew God was leading me back to Brazil. They know it will be hard being far away, but they are excited knowing that I am living in obedience and doing what God wants me to do. My mom has told me that there is not greater joy for her than knowing that her daughter is serving God - even though that means we won't be close. My pastor told me once that it wasn't a matter of if Cynthia was going back to Brazil as a missionary, it was when.

I knew God was preparing me to go back to Brazil. It was through a study of the life of Abraham that God really worked in my heart. He used a passage in James to show me that He wants complete obedience. James 4:13-17 tells us that life is a vapor and that we should do what we have been called to do. I realized that God was asking me to surrender. I am here for God's glory and I am here to share the Gospel with others. He is in complete control so I can step out in faith and know that God has led me this far, this is what he wants me to do, and I can obey.

Sao Paulo is going to be a challenge. It is a big city and there's a lot of traffic. Daily living is going to be a little more stressful in some ways. Being away from my family will also be a challenge. Growing up as an MK, you learn you don't get to see extended family a lot. Because of that, my immediate family grew very close. Being away from them will be hard.

I'm anxious to see how God will use my gifts in graphic design and working with women and children. There are opportunities, and I'm excited to see what happens.

I will be a church planter's assistant. This means I will be doing anything and everything that needs to be done to further the gospel. Whether it's through teaching children, leading a women's Bible study, helping with worship, or whatever I'm called upon to do.

It is exciting to share my story and my heartbeat for how I feel the Lord is leading me. I love interacting with people. It is not just support raising, it is sharing what God is doing, finding prayer and support partners and building that core group of people who will be life-long partners in ministry. Finding out how I can pray for them and how I can be of an encouragement to them is something that I am learning. This journey of faith is exciting.

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Posted on: 8/29/2011 9:43:48 AM

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