Don Roe, M.Div.

Don Roe, M.Div.

Don Roe served as a pastor for 20 years. He is devoted to Christian education and counts it a privilege to have served in churches that had Christian schools K-12. He has made several trips to the mission field where he has served as an institute teacher and helped support missionaries.

Insight Questions

What is your favorite book?
"A Knight of the 19th Century" by E.P. Roe. This one is worth a Google search and no, not related.

What are your hobbies?
I am a passionate motorcyclist and love cross-country rides. I have been riding since I was 10 and can remember the first time I sat on a Harley, and the first time I sat on a Gold Wing as a little boy. I said, "One day, I am going to ride one these across this country" After seminary, I bought a used touring bike and have been crossing the country on a bike ever since. I also love to backpack and this summer hiked the Appalachian Trail from the Delaware Water Gap to Bear Mountain on the Hudson River with my son, Gavin. It was absolutely the best time of our lives!

Who has been your greatest spiritual influence?
I am blessed in that God has given me significant people when I needed them throughout life. As a teenager, I was a prodigal and came back to the Lord and a church with a godly pastor and staff who always had time for a tough assignment like me. My pastor and youth pastor were the greatest tools in God's toolbox for a troubled teenager. They loved and accepted me, taught and put up with me. In seminary, I was a part time Youth Pastor serving with a man who loved his people with every decision and every message. He showed me a shepherd's heart every day. People came first and he marked me for the rest of my ministry. In my first church as senior pastor, there was a godly older pastor across town that was genuine and real. For five years, we got together weekly and talked about ministry. He was a trusted voice in a storm; the one you called when there were no answers. He knew what was important; he knew what was not. He is unknown to most but he was the hands of Jesus to me.

What goals do you have for your students?
Tools, tools, tools! I want to give them tools to serve Christ with excellence for a life time. Four years cannot possibly teach all the knowledge and truth content they will need, but it can give them the tools for the pursuit of a lifetime of excellence in service to Christ. I want my students to have absolute confidence in the veracity and reliability of the scriptures. These are not bad days for ministry; these are fantastic days for ministry. A gospel-centered ministry to a world that is not certain if there really is truth will be reached by those who know God's word and have the tools to use God's word for a lifetime of service.

Contact Information
Phone: 570.585.9226
Office room number: 327 Jackson Hall

B.S., Baptist Bible College
M.Div., Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Posted on: 8/9/2008 4:07:24 PM

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