Vince Palmer

Vince Palmer

Professor of Teacher Education (Secondary)


Where did you get your education?

I started at Cedarville College in fall of 1974. I started out in pre-med, but I really enjoyed tutoring people and I decided I'd rather be a teacher. I really liked the atmosphere at Cedarville then. There were about 1,000 students. People knew each other, and you saw your faculty members. I had in the back of my head for quite a while that I wanted to teach in a Christian college.

I then went to Clarion State College. There wasn't a better place for me to learn my craft. I was right where I needed to be to learn my content well. I met my wife there and learned a lot of things there.

I went to Tennessee Temple University and got a degree in Educational Administration.
I then applied to the University of Pittsburgh for my doctoral studies. Within a week or two the principal of a Christian school called me and said, “Would you teach full time for us?” After meeting him and talking about the way the school runs, I thought I could both teach and take my doctoral classes. I taught there for three years while I took my courses. I got my Doctorate in December '92.

I started applying a bunch of places. I had turned in a resume here at BBC in 1985, and they kept it in the file. Barry Philips called me in March of '93 and said: “By any chance, have you finished your doctorate?” I had such a wonderful talk with everyone that was here. I said to myself: “This is me. This is what I want to be.”

For me, a lot of my education comes at the hands of students, and then I get a lot of my questions answered in class, so my education is like a story of my work experience. Every time I get a chance to do an internship or workshop over the summer or sometime during the year, I do it. My best learning is done in kind of a debate environment where people can challenge each other and you can think and distill your thoughts.

Can you share about your spiritual development?

Both of my parents were believers. My mother read the Bible a lot, but she was confused a lot because of her spiritual upbringing. It wasn't a really strong Christian family, but I had a pastor who was perfect for our family; he led me to the Lord. Very soon after, circumstances lead me to question whether or not I was even saved. That struggle was a recurring nightmare for me until I was about 30.

Every time I've grown in my life, it's been because of the requirements needed to serve God in another role. There is something that's happening, and I need to meet the demands of that service. So, I go and I feed. So I'm constantly thinking of myself as someone's who is in service, and the Bible is my source book.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love old movies; I think old movies have wonderful plots. I like to do Sudoku puzzles because it's like a set of dominoes; you just click the dominoes, they knock each other over, and you get a nice satisfied feeling when it's done. And I like watching sports events. I'm a real basketball fan, soccer fan. I'll come out and help the cross-country team. I enjoy watching anything with which my students are involved.


B.S., Clarion State College
M.A., Tennessee Temple University
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Posted on: 11/15/2006 10:13:06 AM

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