Christopher Davis, Ph.D.

Christopher Davis, Ph.D.

Division Chair (Physical Education)

Professor of Health and Physical Education

Where did you get your education?

Although I was undecided between physical education and pastoral ministries, I decided to pursue a physical education degree at Biola College (now University). God then led me to come to Baptist Bible College and study pastoral ministries. As I began to teach and coach here at BBC, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Physical Education. I also graduated from Baptist Bible Seminary’s Master of Divinity program. I took some time off from teaching to pursue a doctorate at Ohio State University. God provided a way for my family and I to move to Ohio to allow me to complete this degree. In my studies, I focused on being a “teacher of teachers.” Having a doctorate in physical education has allowed me to develop BBC’s health and physical education program.
I still enjoy learning and continue to engage in faculty discussions of novels or current issues. I also take classes occasionally but am not pursuing another degree. I believe that, at this stage in my life, there are other valuable things on which to focus. I still take advantage of any learning opportunities available and continue to enjoy “casual” reading.

Would you share your spiritual development and God’s direction for you to come to BBC?

Growing up in a church planter’s home in Colorado gave me a strong background of biblical Christianity. All I ever knew was church. I became a believer at the age of eight. For the first time, I realized that the important thing was not my parents’ religion but my relationship with Christ. A few years later, I dedicated my life to ministry but was still unsure of the specific direction God had for my life. After I finished my schooling at Biola, I worked at a Christian camp in Colorado at which Dr. Pickering spoke. Dr. Pickering, president of BBC at that time, suggested that I take some classes at BBC while teaching and coaching part time. God moved my family to BBC, and except for a short hiatus to finish my doctorate, we have been here ever since. My wife and I were also the dorm parents of Shaffer for eight years.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

I love coaching at the college and high school levels. I coach women’s soccer here at BBC, and I coach the girls’ soccer team at Abington Heights High School, a local high school. In the past, I have coached cross-country, track, and wrestling. I also enjoy running , as the girls on my soccer team well know. Another hobby of mine is participating in fantasy sports, which gives me informal competition at a very low cost. Presently, I teach Sunday school and am a deacon at my church.

Could you tell me about your family?

As my wife, Karen, and I began our married life, we chose I Samuel 12:24 as our joint life verse. It speaks of fearing God, serving God, and reflecting on what God has done. This has become our life goal, and it has been neat to see how God has worked in the lives of my children to call them to ministry.
My wife works part time for the BBC library. She enjoys her work and the fellowship with her co-workers.
My son, Russell, and his wife, Sharon, have three children and live in Elkhart, Indiana. Both Russell and Sharon work with high school and college-age students in their church. Previously, Russell was a youth pastor for eight years.
My daughter, Kari, and her husband, Chaz, are on the mission field in Ecuador. They have three children and one on the way.


B.S. in Physical Education at Biola College
B.R.E. in Pastoral Studies at Baptist Bible College
M.Ed. in Physical Education at East Stroudsburg University
M.Div. at Baptist Bible Seminary
Ph.D. in Physical Education at Ohio State University

Posted on: 1/25/2007 2:41:48 PM

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