Ethan Balsano: Making an Impact

Ethan Balsano: Making an Impact

When the 2014 spring semester ended most students left campus and headed home for the summer. Ethan Balsano and the five other members of BBC's Summer Crew stayed behind. Ethan and the crew used the break to minister and serve others on campus by helping out the maintenance department, working in the Underground Cafe, acting as counselors for camps, and performing a myriad of other tasks from May to August.

Ethan BalsanoWith the beginning of the fall semester, Ethan has turned his heart for service back to why he attends BBC in the first place: learning to make an impact on others through sports. As a senior Sports and Recreational Ministries major, he hopes to use his interest in sports and love for people to bring others to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Ethan also serves as the Dorm President for Ridley Hall and works with the Maintenance Department in the Recreation Center.

Summer Crew was a way of giving back to the school for all the things it has helped me accomplish. I also did it because I wanted to stay in the area for the summer and get a job. After multiple people telling me I should do it, I applied.

I didn't like Summer Crew - I loved it! Yes, it is long hours and it can be challenging, but if you have a team that stands together through adversity as we did, it can make for an awesome summer. I am planning to apply again next summer.

The fellowship that our team had with each other and with teachers was one of the biggest highlights. I was thrown into a group with five people I barely knew, but after this summer, we are determined to stay together - sort of like a family. Someone once said, the team the plays together, stays together and I am excited to have these new friends this semester.

I have a huge heart for sports. Besides watching them, I love to play pick up sports and intramurals. Also, living in upstate New York, close to the Delaware River gives me the opportunity to go kayaking and rafting as well.

Before my junior year I knew God was calling me to go into ministry but was still clueless as to what the He wanted me to do. When I talked to Dr. Bill Higley, my adviser, he suggested the Sports and Recreational Ministries program, that way I am in the ministry, but I am not leaving sports behind.

Sports can reveal character in you whether it is good or bad, and can even show the character of God. I look to use sports as my main avenue to show young people and even adults how they can be saved through grace by the work of Jesus.

Dorm life is one of the coolest things here at BBC and I love it. Being constantly surrounded by brothers and sisters, who - for the most part - love you, is such an exciting thing to be a part of. The community that is built is not often seen in other colleges and it is something I am looking forward to jumping back into.

Initially I chose BBC because I am a Christian and I thought I should go to a Christian college and because my parents wanted me to come. That mindset, however, was not allowing God to work through my life while at BBC. After the Christmas break of my sophomore year, God started to tug at my heart and I finally saw just what BBC was truly all about. He showed me why it was such a great decision to come here.

Over the past three years, something that still astounds me is the interest the faculty has in wanting me to succeed. It's something that is rare in colleges and it has been a huge blessing in my life to know that they care about me so much.

This campus is overflowing with opportunities to grow spiritually. When I came to BBC, my spiritual life was as dead as can be. It has been a long process getting to where I should be but BBC has helped me so much and I could not be more thankful for that. I am also thankful for the genuine friendships I have found here. I have made friends that I am hoping and praying last a lifetime.

Learn about the Sports and Recreational Ministries program here.

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Posted on: 8/28/2014 9:18:46 AM

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