Study abroad options expand learning, perspectives

Study abroad options expand learning, perspectives

The range of flexible opportunities to study abroad have been expanded by BBC, allowing students more unique ways to travel and study in others countries and cultures.

Studying abroad gives those interested in gaining new experiences and connecting with other cultures powerful ways to learn hands-on around the world.

Suzanna Henzler spent her freshman year studying in Greece.

BBC&S"I never would have guessed I would end up doing it, especially for my freshman year, and especially in Europe," she said. "God just kept opening doors and I found myself in Athens. You never know what's out there until you look. I'm so glad for the opportunity God gave me to go."

Home away from home
While living and learning in a variety of locations, students participate in quality, carefully selected programs that allow them to extend their BBC experience to other side of the globe.

Credits earned through partnering organizations are accredited and transferable to BBC programs. In many cases, financial aid opportunities are still available.

Learn more about studying abroad here.

Countries where partnering organizations are available include:

Germany- Through the Ambex program, students can experience European culture and history while earning 15 credits toward their college degree.

Greece - The Greek Bible College based in Athens provides an excellent education against the backdrop of many historical locations.

Israel- For those who want to learn and experience the land of the Bible, the Israel Bible Extension Program offers credits through The Master's College.

Italy - The Saints Bible Institute, located in Northern Italy, allows students to earn transferable credits through Bryan College.

Peru - The Arriba! program is an 11 month internship that offers language training and hands on experience working with ministry professionals.

Additional customized programs working with missionaries and nationals in other countries while earning BBC credits online can be made through special arrangement.

Once in a Lifetime
Learning from qualified ministry leaders in a safe environment is an important component of study abroad options. The combination of learning, working, and partnership with solid biblical organizations can be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Students will gain valuable experience in a variety of areas including:

-Teaching and leading others
-Discipleship and mentoring
-Community development
-Cultural awareness and sensitivity
-Learning other languages

Students who choose to study abroad will expand their perspectives on other cultures and open their eyes to the needs of other people. The opportunity to be exposed to the unfamiliar takes students out their comfort zone, allowing them to develop their sense of compassion and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

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Posted on: 6/26/2014 5:01:48 PM

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