Area business, community leaders attend spring President's Breakfast

Area business, community leaders attend spring President's Breakfast

BBC&S' annual President's Breakfast and Leadership Seminar drew more than 70 business and community leaders to campus on Thursday, March 27.

BBC&SThe special morning program was a dedicated time for those in attendance to talk with President Jim Jeffery, meet students, and gain leadership insights.

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"The event was energizing," said Lisa Durkin, Deputy Executive Director at United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania. "The keynote address was thoughtful and inspiring, and the BBC&S representatives painted a clear picture of all the opportunities available on their beautiful campus."

The featured speaker for the breakfast was Jesse Ergott, President and CEO of NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania. Jesse has served in the community development field for over 10 years. He has used his community planning background on many different types of initiatives, including environmental and conservation projects, educational programming, historic preservation efforts, and the promotion of regional tourism.

BBC&S"This was a fantastic opportunity to share our important work," Jesse said. "It was an event that not only stressed the importance of reaching out to our neighbors around us, but put it into action."

Following the breakfast, "Ask Like You Want to Know," an interactive seminar designed to equip leaders to learn better through more productive conversations, was led by Ken Knelly, Executive Director of Communications & Marketing at BBC&S.

"Ken is a master at bringing practical solutions to problems people face every day," said Paul Jackson of PS Advertising Specialty Co. in Dunmore, PA. "The session did not seem like a seminar; it was fun and entertaining. What a great way to learn."

Those in attendance included: Robert Allen, Bob Applegate, Dave Arendt, Tim Arendt, Al Backus, John Baker, Bryan Baxter, Cindy Beeman, Attorney Richard Bishop, Jenny Blanchard, Molly Boylan, Geoff Brock, Bill Burkavage, Jim Burke, Melissa Cencetti, Cyndi Colman, Jim Colman, Dr. David Coppola, John Cosgrove, Lew Critelli, Andrew Cross, Ed Curtis, Josh Dilts, Lisa Durkin, Jody Dutton, Leonna Elam, Jesse Ergott, Melissa Feldman, Mike Festa, Harry Forbes, Rick Fornes, Tiffany Grenkevich, Jaycee Hancock, Mike Hanley, Andrew Hatfield, Helmut Hensel, Jr., Helmut Hensel, Sr., Doreen Howard, Paul and Sharon Jackson, President Jim Jeffery, Jennifer Jenner, Jeff Jerome, Neil King, Lisa Kisner-Carver, Lee Kliewer, Ken Knelly, Jon Konzelman, Lisa Konzelman, Greta Kreidler, Jeff Kyle, James May, Frank Mazza, Robert McLane, Joe Musheno, Julie Overholser, Liz Renda, Tim Robinson, Bill Roman, Barbara Lee Strangfeld, Anthony Terrinoni, Renelle Theodore, Jim Ticonchuk, Karissa Tugend, Stephenie Vergnetti, Lackawanna County Commissioner Jim Wansacz.

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Posted on: 3/27/2014 3:23:20 PM

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