President Jeffery offers prayer in state Senate

President Jeffery offers prayer in state Senate


BBC&S President Jim Jeffery offered the opening prayer March 20 in the Pennsylvania State Senate. The prayer opened the daily session in Harrisburg.

Serving as guest chaplain at the invitation of Sen. John Blake of Lackawanna County, President Jeffery also spent time meeting other General Assembly members and staff.

The text of President Jeffery's prayer was as follows:

Heavenly Father, thank You for being our Creator and Sustainer of all things. Thank You for the beauty of Your creation across our Commonwealth today as our eyes behold Your handiwork. Thank You for the gift of life as we live and breathe because of Your sustaining power.

Thank You for Your favor towards mankind in establishing human government for our good and protection.

I pray for our Commonwealth and its leadership. I pray for our state Senators, that You would grant them wisdom and guidance in their decision making. I ask that You would help them to be leaders with integrity and humility as they serve the population of our Commonwealth and represent those in their region.

Lord, You know their personal needs and the needs of family and friends that weigh heavily on their hearts today. Would You draw each one to Yourself, that they may experience Your grace, mercy and love.

I pray for those who serve on their staff working tirelessly to help our Senators in their daily responsibilities. I pray, Father, also for those who serve as state Representatives in the House, that You would also show them Your favor and grant them Your wisdom.

I pray for our Governor and those who serve in his administration, that You would help them in their work today to serve well the citizens of our Commonwealth. I pray for those who serve as judges, that You would help them as they make difficult decisions to uphold justice, protect the weak, and maintain the rule of law for the good of all of our citizens.

Thank You for the freedoms that we enjoy not only in our nation but because of the rich history of freedom in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are grateful the freedom of religion in our nation found its early roots in our Commonwealth. May our freedoms continue to be sustained and defended in years to come.

I would pray for those who protect our citizens as local and state police, in fire safety, the National Guard, others in our military, and emergency personnel. Grant them Your protection this day as they go about their work.

Thank You for the educational opportunities afforded to children, youth, and adults in our state. I pray for those who lead and teach in our schools, colleges and universities, as they shape the next generation.

We humbly acknowledge our dependence upon You and give You thanks for the many expressions of Your grace and goodness in our daily lives. I lift these requests before Your throne with gratitude in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Posted on: 3/20/2014 4:49:10 PM

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