Loan repayment program set to help new BBC students

Loan repayment program set to help new BBC students

A new powerful loan repayment assistance plan at BBC is set to remove a key financial concern of students and their families.

Beginning in fall 2014, the Loan Repayment Assistance Program will be provided to all incoming on-campus freshmen and qualified transfer students at no cost. The program provides a safety net to ease the burden of student loans, guaranteeing payback assistance should graduates earn below certain income levels.

"We believe deeply in the value of a BBC education, which has been demonstrated by generations of successful students and alumni," said BBC&S President Jim Jeffery. "We understand the challenges families face in making this investment. This loan repayment assistance is a tangible way to help incoming students focus on their future and remove a key concern from their minds."

For students who graduate with a bachelor's degree and earn at or below an annual income of $35,000, LRAP will help repay their federal, PLUS, and other private alternative student loans. Assistance continues until the loans are repaid in their entirety or the student's annual income increases above the upper threshold.

Details are available online at To learn more, contact BBC Admissions at or 800.451.7664.

Similar programs have been used for over 25 years by several Ivy League institutions to encourage public service careers and increase the accessibility and affordability of college. The BBC program is the first LRAP in Pennsylvania. It is provided through an arrangement with Bloomington, IN-based LRAP Association.

"This is substantial piece-of-mind assistance to students and their families," said Mel Walker, BBC&S' Vice President for Enrollment & External Relations. "Repaying student loans adds a layer of pressure to students and can negatively influence their career decisions. Removing this challenge will free students to pursue their goals without hesitation."

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Posted on: 8/4/2014 6:51:39 AM

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