Calvin O'Boyle: Ministry as Lifestyle

Calvin O'Boyle: Ministry as Lifestyle

Calvin O'Boyle was brought up in a missions-minded family, one that moved from the U.S. to China and then Canada.

Calvin O'BoyleAlthough, he is not following the footsteps of his father in these particular mission fields, Calvin carries on his parents' focus to make ministry a lifestyle.

A sophomore Secondary Education English major, Calvin aims to use his skills teaching, with a focus on young adults transitioning from the school setting to the "real world."

Calvin currently serves BBC student body as the Executive Representative member of the Student Leadership Council.

I was born in Scranton while my dad was in seminary at BBS. I grew up in Michigan as my father took on the pastorate of his home church, where I lived for eight years. When I was 13, my family moved to China for language and cultural studies in the hope of working with Chinese immigrants in Canada. My family now lives just north of Toronto in Markham, Ontario, where my father is planting and pastoring a mainland Chinese house church. I now live in Clarks Summit.

As my parents met at BBC, and I grew up knowing what a great place BBC is.Visiting the campus and interacting with family friends in the area was also a huge draw, simply knowing what a welcoming place Clarks Summit and BBC can be. In the end, my decision to come to BBC was hardly a choice; I didn't apply anywhere else. Though I wasn't completely sure of my reasons in choosing the college at the beginning, the fact I chose the right place has become increasingly more evident.

BBC has been right for me in so many ways. Simply put, I fit. I love the people here, I love the community and friendships I have, and I love the fact we're all pursuing careers in ministry together and helping each other grow. My major also fits me well, and I love my program. I'm so excited for how I will be able to use it in the future as both a ministry and a career.

BBC is extremely friendly. Many students are pastor's kids or missionary kids, a number of them have lived internationally. Most of the rest are from the Northeast, essentially where I grew up. The biblical foundation and shared worldview is also a huge draw and connection.

My parent's involvement in ministry has greatly influenced me. While I hope to pursue ministry through teaching English, so much of what they do--how they live, who they are as people--is how I want to be in the career and ministry I end up pursuing. My parents are involved in what would be considered full-time ministry, but it is really their attitudes and love shown toward people that has drawn me to pursuing ministry as a lifestyle.

BBC is a great place, with great people, so much potential and great learning. I am involved in Student Leadership Council because I want to be a part of all that, helping to facilitate events, create school unity, and foster opportunity for community ministry. I hope to be an active force in leading the college in what God has planned for the future.

I am majoring in Secondary English Education. I love reading, analysis, and language. I hope to teach my love of language, literature, and its uses to students who will likely have lost their interest in learning--especially English. I also hope to use it as a venue for ministry in a public setting to kids who are developing, discovering themselves, and being confronted by the issues of the rapidly approaching real world. English also holds huge potentiality for overseas teaching as a ministry platform.

I love to read, but not when friends are around.I love to debate, discuss, and critique in conversation --philosophical stuff. I love Ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, and most other unofficial sports. I like hiking, nature, tree climbing, traveling, exploring, and discovering. I work in the Underground Cafe and the Library.

BBC is all about relationships, and a smaller community lends itself to strong intimate relationships. I also love the professors' willingness to help and be intimately involved in my life as a student. BBC has helped me come into the realization of who I am, with my talents, abilities, and weaknesses. It is giving me the biblical knowledge and basis I need to be able to confidently share and defend my faith. And besides my degree, it is really the friends I have and am still making here that will be of great impact on me in the future.

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Posted on: 11/11/2013 3:24:56 PM

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