Asa Bartos: Getting Involved

Asa Bartos: Getting Involved

Asa Bartos, a senior Pre-Seminary major, likes to be involved. His varied interests have led him to pursue a range of leadership and ministry opportunities on and off campus.

Asa BartosFollowing his passions for music and ministry, Asa is spending most of his summer traveling with RiSE, a BBC worship team. The group is performing, and leading worship at venues in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

When he returns to campus for the fall semester he will be serving as Vice President of the Student Leadership Council.

The oldest of four siblings, Asa calls Knoxville, TN home, though he was born in Chicago, IL, and grew up in Cleveland, OH.

I grew up in a Christian home with a dad in the pastorate, but have still experienced divorce as well as losing my father last May. God has provided my mom with a wonderful second husband who also loves the Lord and cares deeply for my siblings and me. My younger brother, Simon, is currently a freshman at The Ohio State University. I have two younger sisters, Jade and Janna, who both live with my parents in Tennessee.

Pre-Seminary fits me because it allows me to study for ministry and also focus on philosophy, history, literature, foreign language - Greek and Hebrew - and similar areas of study. These are in addition to the large amount of Bible and theology classes taken to round out my familiarity with key books of the Bible, such as Genesis, Isaiah, Romans, and Hebrews.

My professors have been a great benefit to me. I have grown a lot as a result of being exposed to different thought philosophies and worldviews that are both openly existent as well as under-girding our societies today.

God might be laying a burden for youth on my heart as well as for ministering to inner-city settings both domestic and foreign. I have the desire to do so many different things in ministry.

Both peers and mentors have helped me grow tremendously in my walk with Christ and pursuit of wisdom and holiness. I absolutely love the social aspect of being a BBC student.

During my past three years at BBC I have been involved in choir, chapel band, RiSE, Student Leadership Council, a drama production, being a Resident Assistant my sophomore year, working for the Admissions Department, and other things as well. I am looking forward to being Vice President of the SLC Executive Team this fall.

I love to get involved in worship at churchand like to find places around town where I can play guitar and sing either by myself or in a group. I am very active in both listening to and playing music and love to collect books and read during free time. Coffee and the art of brewing, flavoring, and drinking are also of interest. I love to create calm atmospheres for people by playing specific types of music from around the world while making coffee for them to drink.

Over the summer, I am doing a number of things. When school ended, I stuck around BBC and worked as a telecounselor for Admissions. I have been with the RiSE team travelling for a 5-week summer tour and will be drumming with Dr. David Harris for the Teen Leadership Conference worship band. Then, I will be staying at BBC for another two weeks until leadership week when all of the SLC members and RAs return for training.

God has allowed me to be involved in so many thingsI would never have seen before. I honestly walked into a lot of these opportunities just a few weeks before a lot of them happened. God chose to add variety to my schedule, not me. I wanted to experience a variety of avenues for growth and development as an individual while ministering to others and building relationships with people from all of BBC's social and academic circles.

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Posted on: 7/24/2013 1:02:11 PM

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