Abigail Wiebe: Dreaming Big

Abigail Wiebe: Dreaming Big

Abigail Wiebe is seeing one of her biggest dreams become a reality this fall.

Abigail WiebeJust having finished her sophomore year in the Business Administration program, Abigail will be working with The Disney Company beginning in August. Through the Disney College Program, she will take classes and work at Walt Disney World, gaining on-the-job training.

With a love for people, she hopes to have a career in the hospitality industry doing what she loves - bringing people joy.

Abigail is from West Covina, CA, and is the oldest of three daughters. She attends Grace Church of Glendora where she has been involved in children's ministries.

My admissions counselor was the first person to tell me about Baptist Bible College. After conversations with Geoff Ellsworth and a visit, I felt a peace from God about attending a college that was across the country from my home.

I am a Business Administration major.This program is a great "umbrella" for the work force. It is broad enough that you learn all different aspects of the business field, which is very helpful. I would like to eventually concentrate in business management.

Even after just two years of college, I have learned a lot about business. Both in-class and personal experiences can be applied. Taking classes that focus on communication and then putting what I learned into practice has been extremely beneficial to me. Even the best professionals need to have great communication skills to succeed. I am grateful to learn so much and can now be a more effective communicator in life.

My biggest dream is to work professionally with The Disney Company.I would really love to work in hospitality. The options are vast. My passion is to make people feel welcome and special, and I greatly enjoy seeing this happen firsthand. Whatever I end up doing professionally, my prayer is it will focus on bringing other people joy.

In the fall, I will be attending a college/internship program at Walt Disney World in Florida. Attending is one of the best ways for me to get my foot in the door. I also love the idea of being able to both live and learn on site from Disney. This is a serious dream come true for me and I feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity. Disney offers several classes, covering topics from hospitality management and professional development to creativity and innovation. I will be working full-time in one of their park stores.

The biblical foundation I gained the past two years at BBC has deepened my knowledge of what it means to live for Christ. Classes such as "Principles of Bible Study" and "Building a Biblical Lifestyle" have given me the tools I need to confidently face whatever life may throw my way. I can see how God has used my time at BBC to prepare me for the future. While now I see my future being with the Disney Company, I know that God will take me where He needs me. I find great peace in this knowledge.

A lot has shaped my life the past couple years but the main thing is that I have a much better understanding of who I am in Christ. As a result of two years of college, I have become a lot more of an independent and confident adult. I cannot wait for my time at Walt Disney to begin because I am very egger to continue learning and growing in Christ and spreading the joy and gift He offers to those around me.

The community aspect of BBC is what will stick with me wherever I go. I am incredibly blessed by the edifying friendships I have gained. It is wonderful knowing that I have the prayer and support of people no matter where life may take me. I was a Resident Assistant in Thomson Hall during my sophomore year. Along with that incredible opportunity, I worked in the Admissions Office and was also a part of the banquet committee. This was a ton of fun and it provided me the opportunity to work on a team of talented students and faculty.

The edifying conversations and relationships I have had with fellow colleagues and professors has influenced me the most while at BBC. The girls in my dorm and especially my academic advisor, Delana Durough, are always very encouraging of my dreams, no matter how large they are.

Being at BBC has been a wonderful blessing. My brain is constantly being stretched, which is what a college program should do. For me, the way the professors taught is what truly helped to shape my worldview going into business. What is great about all the business professors is that they all have experience outside of a classroom. They incorporated into the classroom real-life scenarios. BBC has definitely molded me into a mature and professional businesswoman.

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Posted on: 6/19/2013 5:17:13 PM

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