Cynthia Beeman: Light in the World

Cynthia Beeman: Light in the World

Cynthia (Hibbard) Beeman doesn't need Facebook to connect. She does it the old-fashioned way - that is, face-to-face - for the purpose of mentoring.

Cynthia BeemanAs program director at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lackawanna, Susquehanna, and Wayne counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Cynthia is using her love and compassion for people to help children facing adversity. She works to match kids with adults for mentoring and encouragement.

In fact, Cynthia developed a school-based program that matches students from BBC with local junior high children, extending the reach of BBC&S further into the community.

Recently, Cynthia was recognized as one of the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal's Top Woman in Business. The award acknowledges and commends the top 25 businesswomen in the region each year.

Cynthia graduated from BBC in 1988 after studying in the Secondary Education program. She returned 10 years later to add Elementary Education credits. She also holds a master's degree in Executive Leadership from Liberty University. She and her husband live in Kingsley, PA.

I never really thought about attending anywhere other than BBC. Everything taught at Baptist Bible College centered on the Bible and it's where I felt God leading.

When I was 5, I was outside with my mother burning trash and overheard her say "I am glad that I am not going to hell!" That statement made me start thinking about hell, so I started asking questions. My mom took me inside and showed me how I could know for sure that I was going to heaven. Since then I have wanted to live my life as a reflection of my Savior and be a light in the darkness.

My goal has always been to help people, and the greatest way to help people is to share the amazing truth that God loves us. The professors, administration and staff at BBC modeled for me what God can do with a willing vessel whose starting point for every decision is based on God's truth.

I appreciate the versatility of my BBC education. Biblical principles apply to every facet of life, and I am grateful for the many people who taught every course from the biblical worldview.

Many people influenced me during my time at BBC. Some of those who stand out include Dr. Jim Lytle, Mr. Joe Schloegel and Dr. Bill Arp. In my senior year of college, I was in a head-on collision. Dr. Arp was the first person I saw after the accident. He came as soon as he heard about it. These people and so many more invested in my life and showed they cared personally.

My husband and I have always been involved with ministry in our local church in some way. I am involved with many different groups, including the Agency Alliance Steering Committee for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, as Secretary for the Pennsylvania State Association of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Secretary for the Susquehanna County Coalition for Child Safety, Co-Chair for the Center for Family Engagement member in Lackawanna County, and I am on the Susquehanna County Child Evangelism Fellowship board.

Several years ago I realized that there were many children who were falling through the cracks in society - children who just needed a friend to support them. Mentoring is a biblical principle and Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a safe, effective way to carry out that principle. We match caring adults with children who are facing adversity. It is such a simple, cost-effective concept, yet the return on investment is very high. Within the first three months of working for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I started a new school-based program where BBC students were matched with junior high kids from a local school. Within a year there were three new programs going, and we doubled the amount of children being served.

In 2010 our agency was awarded the Gold Standard Award for significantly increasing quality of service and successfully matching more children. Today my motivation is simple: Help children in our community that need a friend who can encourage them, instill positive values, and be a role model. I am determined to help as many children as possible find that caring adult.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters center where I am the director serves four counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania. My primary responsibilities include making sure that the organization is run fidelity, and that families, children and volunteers are supported in a safe, nurturing environment. I also oversee a wonderful team of professionals dedicated to making, supporting, and helping sustain safe, long-lasting mentoring relationships, as well as making sure there is enough money to continue and expand that process.

I love to meet people and to share the vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters.I love helping people; it is very fulfilling to see children find a person who cares about them and how that relationship between the volunteer and the child allows each to learn and grow in new ways.

I just finished two huge life goals; I completed my master's degree in Executive Leadership in 2012 and I also went on my first missions trip to Guatemala with Food for the Hungry through Bridgewater Baptist Church, my home church. Some of my future goals include going on another missions trip and increasing community support for Big Brothers Big Sisters to be able to serve 400 children in the next year. And if God opens the door, I would love to pursue my doctorate in leadership or business.

It is an honor to be recognized among the top women in business. My personal faith in God has led me to want to honor him in all that I do, including the growth of Big Brothers Big Sisters. This award is due to His blessing this endeavor. My motto is "work hard, invest in people, strive to do my best, and have fun doing it." Everything I do revolves around investing in people; helping each individual to become the person that God wants them to be.

Want to be involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters? The easiest way is to contact a local agency. Find one online at In Northeastern Pennsylvania, call 570.347.5616 or email Cynthia at

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Posted on: 5/17/2013 8:47:40 AM

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