Jered Heater: Military Missions

Jered Heater: Military Missions

Army ROTC Cadet Jered Heater is preparing to use his degree in Counseling for a career of service to his country. With a heart for the Bible and helping people live through it, Jered is a BBC student aiming to make a real difference.

Jered HeaterOriginally from Stroudsburg, PA, Jered studied at Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, NY, for a year before coming to BBC. He didn't think BBC was for him at first, but he changed his mind after a year of working post-WOL.

As a junior, Jared is already affecting the lives of servicemen and women for Christ.

When I visited Word of Life, I was struck with the spiritual maturity of so many of the students. I wanted that for myself. Its concentrated Bible classes are a great way to gain a base knowledge of the Word. I attended Word of Life Bible Institute for the 2009-2010 school year and the following summer. While there, I realized ministries is not a church position but a life of service to God.

Word of Life gave me a great knowledge of the Bible, but I didn't know where to go from there.Counseling is about applying the Word of God to life and the lives of others. The Bible applies to every aspect of life, whether that's in the military or just working at the convenience store around the corner. I have never pictured myself in a formal counseling setting, but that idea is becoming more palatable as I grow more confident in not my own abilities but in the power of the Bible. If the future holds chaplaincy for me, counseling is a great base for that.

Army, hooah! While at Word of Life, I wanted to join the Army for selfish reasons, but I sensed the Lord wanting my desires for Himself. After a bit of a fight, I gave it to Him and assumed that was that. A couple weeks later, a Word of Life graduate who was a solider came and spoke in chapel about his upcoming deployment and he mentioned the spiritual need within the military. It was at that moment the Lord just gave back my desire to join the military, but for a different reason: A military missionary, if you will.

The military is a huge mission field. Unlike conventional mission fields, it is comprised of people of all races and backgrounds, all levels of education and religiosity. It is also comprised of perhaps the most difficult people to reach: many men ages 18 to 35, men who are able to then go back to their different towns and families and be a light.

Four days a week, I wake up at 0530 to get to Scranton for ROTC physical training for an hour each morning. We have a weekly two-hour class on military tactics and techniques and a two-hour lab during which we run through battle drills or other in-the-field training. Other than the obvious lack of sleep and time demands, I would say it is difficult to maintain a good testimony among the other cadets. The language is difficult to hear continually, but it is also blatantly obvious to others that I don't speak that way.

The professors of my 8 a.m. classes over the past four semesters have been incredibly flexible and understanding of my late arrival to their classes. Their understanding makes my life so much easier and stress-free. Some with children or relatives in the military are much more understanding of some of the spiritual hardships that come along with any involvement in the military. The encouragement they offer and their understanding mean a lot.

My BBC experience has been excellent. This is a college that has balanced learning and ministry in a way that I haven't seen other schools do. The accessibility of the professors has led me to develop good friendships with many of them. Their passion for the subjects gives me a greater drive to learn and excel in my education as well. Ted Boykin has helped me view my life and myself in a very no-nonsense, practical way. My teachers, student development, and staff members have all influenced me through their words and Christlikeness.

At this point, God is leading me to finish well at school and start well in my military career. After that, I'm not entirely sure. Chaplaincy is a possibility several years down the road during my time in the military. After I graduate, I will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and have an eight-year contract with the Army.

I fenced for a number of years with my dad and two of my three brothers at a local fencing club. My favorite weapon is the epee. I had to discontinue it when I came to school, but look forward to fencing when I am home.

I enjoy reading. I have really come to appreciate reading for pleasure after coming to school and not being able to do it often. There's nothing better than a cup of tea and a good book. I also enjoy mountain biking, shooting, fencing, coffee, dressing nice, people watching, and oh, did I mention reading?

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