Student recitals provide experience, polish

Student recitals provide experience, polish

Recitals are an important part of the BBC Department of Music's curriculum, serving as both performance experience and a means to demonstrate what students have learned.

Music majors are able to present the special event that allows them to showcase their work during their junior and senior years.

A list of upcoming spring recitals is here.

Learn more about the Department of Music at BBC here.

Strong Preparation
Preparation for a recital involves course work, private instruction, and lots of practice. Music students meet with music professors weekly for lessons in their chosen proficiency and spend close to 10 hours per week practicing.

BBC&SDuring their time at BBC students build a repertoire of music by determining styles and composers that fit with their capabilities, and lend to an expression of their individuality.

"Performing is excellent practice," said Alyssa Pyne, a Music Education major from Taylor, MI. "It is a wonderful opportunity to have a goal to prepare for, so you are not just learning music for the sake of learning music you are performing for an audience. It is an opportunity to show God's great gift of music and to bring Him glory."

Special Performances
Recitals are held in Jackson Hall Room 202 and normally last between 20 and 30 minutes. Students choose music to perform from their repertoire that bests suits their skill level, reflects their styles and interests, and what might be most pleasing to their audience.

Each performance is proof of learning. The recital is a product of a student's years of study. An assessment of their progress is made prior to the recital performance allowing the special event to be a public celebration of their achievement.

"Only through the process of mastering an area of performance can a person experience music deeply and thoroughly enough that they can lay claim to being a musician," said Dr. Larry Kauffman, Professor and Department of Music Chair. "A demonstration of this achievement is personally performing music."

Important Experience
Students gain much through the experience, building confidence as they learn how to deliver a polished performance. The public setting demands students strive for excellence.

"The goal of performing fluently, confidently, to the best of one's capacity, encourages every student to literally go beyond whatever limitations they might have imposed on themselves," Dr. Kauffman said

Practicing and demonstrating skills, working side by side with ministry professionals, and serving in leadership opportunities are just some of the ways students are benefitting from the hands-on learning experiences offered at BBC&S.

Baptist Bible College & Seminary offers an outstanding Christian education through on-campus, online, and other distance learning options. Students go beyond the ordinary, learning to serve with excellence as they gain critical leadership and life skills.

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Posted on: 2/26/2013 2:57:27 PM

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