Jeremy McGinniss: Ministering through Service

Jeremy McGinniss: Ministering through Service

Jeremy McGinniss brings a passion to serve people to his work in BBC&S's Murphy Memorial Library. As Associate Librarian, Jeremy provides students with quality resources, superior help, and a comfortable environment to study and learn.

Jeremy McGinnissOutside of BBC&S, Jeremy's family provides strong support. He has been married to his wife, Kara, for eight years, and the couple has a new child, Kenna. He serves at Grace Bible Church in Dunmore, PA, playing on the worship team and helping with Pioneer clubs.

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I went to college for church music with an emphasis in piano, attending Philadelphia Biblical University. During my time there, I realized that the major was not for me long term. After my undergraduate studies, I applied to Temple University to enter their music history program, seeing that as a better fit.

God was working through it all. After not being accepted into the program at Temple, the University of Pittsburgh offered a good opportunity to study library science, and I loved working with people. I was accepted into the program in 2007 and graduated with a master's in Library Science and Information Science. Or, as the students used to say, I was going to library school.

(Longtime BBC Librarian) David McClain suggested I connect with Josh Michaelwhile I was working as Library Director for Davis College in New York. We would meet once a semester for a knowledge-share, discussing aspects of running a library, seeing how each library was doing.

My life would soon take a new direction. The position of Associate Librarian opened at BBC&S and Josh called for an interview. I had connections because my father was a professor at Baptist Bible Seminary teaching Old Testament, so I was familiar with the college.

When you walk through the stacks, you can almost feel the ideas in the books that are waiting to be discovered. You can feel the potential. Being around ideas, exploring and developing, thinking deeply about good ideas, and how they influence how we live and walk and interact with each other--these are things I really enjoy about my job.

I really enjoy the college atmosphere. I like meeting professors and other staff members that have had interesting life experiences. I enjoy the students. The best thing for me is figuring out what the questions are that need to be answered, what do students need, and finding a way to answer them.

What I do involves a range of responsibilities, but it all comes down to user experience. I am here to make sure users, both online and on campus, are able to find what they need, quickly and easily. I speak in college classes and tell students how to effectively use the library. I stay connected with IT, making sure the computers are working properly, that the library databases are available, and that online students have clear access to library resources. I make sure users have a good experience, that every thing is accessible and easy to find.

Cry of the Scapegoat is the name of a band I was in for almost three years. We toured the New York area, just telling people about Jesus. We even recorded an album called "Into the Storm." I played the bass guitar.

I love being able to interact with the students. I love knowing I can help them access the materials they need in order to do well and make sure there are few obstacles in the way of their experience. I want to continue to make sure the library has easy access so everyone can achieve his or her best.

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Posted on: 1/18/2013 4:10:49 PM

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