Clint Wandell: A Picture of Learning

Clint Wandell: A Picture of Learning

Whether it's helping peers through challenges as a Resident Assistant or designing brochures as an intern in the Communications & Marketing Department, Clint Wandell is always serving and learning at BBC.

Clint WandellAfter transferring three years ago from a community college near his home of Athens, PA, Clint has proven to be a leader in a range of ministries. In addition to his work, studies, and more, he enjoys photography - taking pictures for himself and others.

He is engaged to be married to Melissa Wilson this summer. After graduation, he would like to pursue a career in graphic design and photography, including wedding, engagement, and senior portrait photos.

I was raised in a very godly home. My parents love the Lord and serve wholeheartedly in church. Whether it is Awana clubs or Sunday school, they take advantage of every opportunity given to them to serve. That really instilled in me the desire to do ministry.

I knew from the start I wanted to do ministry and always wanted to come to BBC. My sister went here. I visited her frequently and always enjoyed my time at BBC. Coming out of high school, God wasn't yet calling me to ministry. I decided to start at community college and get a degree in graphic arts.

I came to BBC and entered the business program. I have loved the Bible classes and have learned so much from the courses. Interning in the Communications & Marketing Department for three years has been a great experience, whether producing material for prospective students or making posters for events to hang around campus. I have learned to do it all for the Lord.

Serving as a R.A in Christen Hall for three years has truly been a great experience. I have loved the relationships built with the guys in the dorm.

BBC has been so influential in my spiritual life. The professors have taken so much time to talk to me in and outside of class. You can really see their willingness through that.

I have grown so much from being saturated in the Word. Everything from personal time in Scripture to classes and chapel times; it all has contributed to it. The worship experience in chapel is amazing. You can really tell Doc Harris' heart for worship; I have never met anyone like him. Everything in the classroom is applied to biblical aspects.

BBC has had such an impact on my life. I am excited for future ministry, whatever God calls me to do.

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Posted on: 12/19/2012 2:02:49 PM

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